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4 Winners of Faces of Beauty

Neiman Marcus

February 27, 2016


Meet four bold women celebrated for being beautiful from the inside out.

Women who trailblaze, captivate, and motivate have always provided inspiration and a spark of confidence to other women. This spring, four remarkable women who are making a positive impact in the world were selected from over 1,200 entries as the Spring 2016 Neiman Marcus Faces Of Beauty. They personify what it means to have beauty, brains, and passion.

Here, we find out how they are making some noise and what they hope their contributions will mean for the future.

Erin Sawyer
San Francisco, California
Automotive & Technology Executive

Erin Sawyer is working to improve the future, literally. As a woman engineer and senior executive, Sawyer encourages young women to enter careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics by advancing STEM education. She also has been a prominent voice in the #ILookLikeAnEngineer social media campaign.

“I’m most proud being a woman engineer. As a mechanical engineer, and working in the automotive and tech industries, I’ve always been one of very few women in the workplace,” she says. “I’m immensely proud of serving as a positive role model to the more junior women in my organization of what a woman engineer and leader looks like.”

Sawyer recommends that women set both personal and professional goals. She says, “I strongly encourage trying it, checking back in to see how you are tracking against your goals, and celebrating your successes!”

Kyle Smitley
Detroit, Michigan
Founder & Executive Director, Detroit Achievement Academy

Kyle Smitley’s vision is to offer “a world-class education in a world-class city” with the “ultimate goal of creating civically engaged, joyful citizens who are ready to change the world.”

In 2013 Smitley founded the Detroit Achievement Academy, a free public charter school on the city’s west side serving kids in kindergarten through third grade. She works with teachers and students’ families to help students achieve their academic goals with impressive results: DAA students’ academic growth ranked in the top 1% nationally in 2014.

Smitley advises women that great success should not be a solo project. She says, “Work irrefutably hard, be undeniably honest and reliable, and as you climb the ranks, have one arm climbing up and one arm bringing someone upward with you.”

Becky Fawcett
New York, New York
Founder & President, Helpusadopt.org

Becky Fawcett is making noise by “reframing the way Americans think about adoption”—and providing resources to help families achieve their dream.

Now the proud parents of two children, Fawcett and her husband Kipp were inspired to found Helpusadopt.org following their own experience with infertility and adoption. The couple created an equality-based grant program that provides up to $15,000 toward adoption expenses for families regardless of ethnicity, marital status, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or disability.

Her father taught her to “never settle or complain about something without having a possible solution.” She describes Helpusadopt.org as “a solution for many families concerning the high cost of adoption.”

Fawcett encourages women to believe in their dreams. “Many people will tell you that you can’t do it. Ignore them,” she says. “Always believe in what you do and be confident in your ability to push the limits.”

Caroline Randall Williams
Morgantown, West Virginia
Poet, Author & Educator

Caroline Randall Williams works “to educate people around the country on how to eat healthfully and soulfully—even when faced with limited resources.“ With her mother, author Alice Randall, she co-wrote Soul Food Love, a healthful soul food cookbook that is an anthology of 80 recipes sharing traditions of more than four generations of black women.

Also the author of a recently published poetry collection, she inspires students to achieve their own artistic heights as a visiting assistant professor of English literature and creative writing at West Virginia University.

She wishes she had believed in her own beauty sooner. She admits, “I wasted some of my sweetest years wondering what people were thinking.” Encouraging women of all ages to take care of their body and spirit and to believe in themselves, Randall Williams says, “Put yourself on your list. Doing right by yourself helps you to do right by the people you love!”

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