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Aerin Lauder On Beauty At Home

Regina Campbell

December 17, 2013


Nothing defines Aerin Lauder better than an entrepreneur and tastemaker. As the granddaughter of the iconic Estée Lauder she has always been always involved in the realm of beauty, but it was only with AERIN that Lauder expanded the term beauty to all things beautiful at home. The multiple categories that compose AERIN fall into the same aesthetic of luxurious, warm textures, effortless beauty and timeless style. With the recent launch of her coffee table book “Beauty at Home” and a collection of five fragrances, we caught up with Lauder to find out what’s inspiring her and what she looking forward to during this holiday season!

Aerin Lauder in Aspen

NM: How do you tie all the categories of beauty, home and lifestyle into the same language?
AL: If you notice, all the fragrances work together in the sense of the coloring, the packaging, which follows the idea of pattern and texture that is also part of essentials and the home line. It’s very modern and feminine, which is very much what the brand is all about.

NM: What is you inspiration for the holidays?
AL: The holidays are all about red velvet and a touch of gold. A rich, luxurious, winter floral, but also mixed with cognac. The AERIN Midnight Winter color collection [cosmetics] is a wonderful complement to Evening Rose. Even in the sensibility of the colors and the patterns it looks very much like the tapestry that I’m sitting in front of – deep reds and mauves and touches of gold.

NM: Do you have a favorite fragrance that you always wear?
AL: I love Ikat Jasmine. It’s wonderful because it’s a winter scent, and you can add a complementary based on the mood that you’re feeling, whether it’s rose or gardenia…

AERIN Fragrance Collection
AERIN Fragrance Collection

NM: Do you host a lot of parties during the holidays?
AL: I do! With very close friends and family. It’s nice to do something nice and bring all the different generations together – that’s what the holidays are about.

NM: Do you have any essentials for these occasions?
AL: Definitely a holiday candle. I think that by lighting a certain candle in your home it creates a mood during the festivities. We have our Holiday candle that is spicy and really sets the mood! I think food is also very important. I love to have wonderful deserts and gingerbread cookies, which are the perfect way to end an evening or a dinner.

NM: Where are you spending the holidays this year?
AL: The holidays are either in Colorado or New York City, and this year we’re going to Colorado.

NM: What’s your favorite flower during this time of the year?
AL: I do love seasonal flowers. Like Lilac Path – I was really inspired by that lilac bush that blooms in the spring. It’s so beautiful and so iconic, and it disappears as easy as it comes. For the collection it translated in the idea that spring can last forever.

Aerin Lauder
Aerin Lauder

NM: You put a lot of emphasis in the packaging, which ties to your décor aesthetic. How do the stones tie into the fragrance collection?

AL: They follow the idea of imperfect, perfect. It’s the fact that everyone is different, which is wonderful. Two caps aren’t exactly alike, and it feels like you almost just found them on a beach – and it’s a beautiful rock. They are very organic and the brand is about natural elements, whether it’s flowers, shells or stones.

NM: Where do you expect AERIN to expand into?
AL: What’s exciting is that the brand is all about ‘beauty at home,’ whether it is your beauty vanity, or it’s a candle, or it’s pillows. So, it’s about taking those elements and bringing them into your life. Right now we are very focused on the book, but we are expanding into fabrics, lighting, carpets, furniture, so that’s been a wonderful new chapter for us.

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