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Aimee Song from Song of Style

Aimee Song from Song of Style

Regina Campbell

June 12, 2014


Pinterest enables us to find visual inspiration digitally, in magazine websites, food blogs and the most covetable fashion and lifestyle blogs. Song of Style is a recurrent blog in my weekly pins, and following the Los Angeles-based blogger Aimee Song’s street-style in Cabo, Malibu and New York makes me think that I know her, in a girl-next-door kind of way. (We’ve also met in person backstage during fashion week and at the most recent rewardStyle conference in Dallas). That’s the beauty of fashion bloggers: We relate to them and follow their style choices, just as much as we believe in our favorite magazine trend pages and spreads. Say no more, it’s very exciting to get some insight into this sophisticated SoCal blogger’s lifestyle, along with her personal style and tech preferences. Here’s what we found out:

NM: Hometown?
AS: Los Angeles, CA

Aimee Song
Aimee Song

NM: What’s you favorite place to hang out in your city?
AS: I love hanging at my friend’s ranch in Malibu.

NM: What’s has been your favorite place to photograph street-style for your blog lately?
AS: I travel a lot, so the different backdrops of different cities I travel to are always interesting to me.

NM: A designer that your just recently started wearing and loved…
AS: I was recently introduced to MIH jeans. I especially like their button downs.

NM: What’s on your sartorial radar for summer?
AS: I’m still in search for the perfect fedora hat!

Aimee Song at NM Flagship
Aimee Song at NM Flagship

NM: What’s your latest tech obsession?
AS: I’m not much of a tech kid but my favorite app is the app from the App store, which is an easy way to store notes and set reminders. I use it multiple times a day.

NM: What’s your favorite filter on Instagram?
AS: Valencia or no filter.

NM: Top 5 Instagram accounts to follow
AS: My fun sister Dani @songdani, my favorite food account @roadtoeverywhere, blogger Sihini @parkncube, another healthy food account @nourish_yourself, and @surfer_magazine’s account always makes me wish I was on a beach.

Aimee Song
Aimee Song

NM: What’s the latest App that you downloaded?
AS: I’m a late adapter to What’sApp. It comes in handy when I’m traveling.

NM: Tell us about the latest tech gadget/accessory that you purchased?
AS: I got this awhile back but I have a pony hair laptop case that I always carry. It doubles as a chic clutch.

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