All Dressed Up for The First Day of School - Neiman Marcus

All Dressed Up for The First Day of School

Alexandra Evjen

March 12, 2016


Last night, Neiman Marcus and Refinery29 kicked off the School of Self Expression, an immersive, art-filled event taking place during South by Southwest Interactive. First period? Recess. The weekend’s events started with an opening night party to celebrate Noisemakers, women around the world who are making their voices heard.

The party was hosted by actress Kate Bosworth — a Noisemaker thanks to her accomplished career and philanthropic work with the Appalachia Service Project. Over 400 guests came to the interactive event — sipping cocktails, snapping pics at the Trophy Case, and creating augmented-reality gifs in the Neiman Marcus Dream Closet. (Imagine an Alice + Olivia jacket sprinkling confetti, a Givenchy shirt taking flight, and MCM backpacks shooting hearts, rainbows, and sparkles.)

Behind the turntables: DJ, fitness enthusiast, and founder of, Hannah Bronfman; followed by photographer and filmmaker, Leslie Kirchhoff. And on the menu: grown-up cafeteria favorites, such as a matcha and white chocolate pudding cups. It’s like what you had in school, only better.


Bloggers, influencers, and style-makers at last night’s party share what it means to MAKE SOME NOISE:

“It means creating awareness about things that matter—whether that’s acceptance of other’s beliefs and cultures, or awareness of unhealthy beauty standards that harm the self-esteem of young girls and women.” — Sheryl Luke, L.A.-based fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger at

“Making noise means being unafraid to disrupt the status quo. It’s about being forward thinking and brave enough to follow your instincts.” — Camille Styles, creative director of and author of Camille Styles Entertaining.

“For me, making noise is inspiring people to go after their dream and make a difference.” — Daniela Ramirez, Miami-based fashion blogger at

“It’s about overcoming fear. My goal is to inspire people to overcome F.E.A.R. (false – evidence — appearing – real) by not staying confined to the walls we build for ourselves. Every time I’ve pursued something I was afraid of, the blessing on the other side was unimaginable. The first step is confidence.” — Jessi Afshin, Austin-based inspiration blogger at

“To speak up and feel empowered.” — Jessica Wang, fashion blogger at, photographer, and avid traveler based in NYC

“Making noise means believing in something, creating it, communicating it, and doing it in a new way that’s your own.” — Nicole Winhoffer, fitness artist and creator of the NW Method

School of Self Expression Kick Off Event

Ready for school? RSVP for tomorrow, right here.

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