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Cynthia Vincent’s Los Angeles Studio

Regina Campbell

December 19, 2013


Stepping into Los Angeles-based designer Cynthia Vincent’s Downtown studio is a lot like reading a fantasy to me. Albino taxidermy peacocks flank shelves, feathers fill antique urns, an Asian screen acts as the façade of a dressing area, and a mix of ikat and tie-dyed fabrics, on the pillows and in her recent collections, create an eclectic warmth and intrigue. The chalky white-walls and industrial windows act as the perfect backdrop to Vincent’s mix of merchandise and intriguing objects.

A mix ikat and tie dye pillows in Cynthia Vincent's studio.
A mix of ikat and tie dye pillows in Cynthia Vincent’s studio.

It’s the diverse juxtaposition of the objects and creations in Vincent’s design studio that provide crystal clear insight into who she is, as a person and designer. Vincent’s quiet confidence, elegant eye and passion for diverse cultures are what makes her contemporary collections so wearable and easy. Vincent adores Los Angeles and chooses to stay in the city because she says, “it’s an incredibly diverse and creative place and it allows me to have any lifestyle within my means, from beach to valley to hill to high rise.”

Taxidermy peacock in Cynthia Vincent's studio
Taxidermy peacock in Cynthia Vincent’s studio

Vincent’s eclectic collections evoke a sense of wanderlust, which is why it’s surprising that most of her favorite places to travel or discover are close to home. The designer says nearby beach town Malibu is her favorite place to escape, and The Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena is her favorite place to shop or be inspired. As soon as Vincent and I began discussing specific decor elements, around her studio, she began expressing her philosophy about life and design.

“I find albino peacocks remarkably beautiful, elegant and mischievous, which are qualities I always aspire to. I especially love the white ones because they are unexpected,” says Vincent. Her subtly rebellious, optimistic point-of-view is also reflected when I ask her about a beautiful Belgian Mid-Century Modern chandelier hanging in her studio. “I love that it evokes a more ornate approach to modernism.”


Vincent’s incredible eye continues to draw out her positive and fantastical outlook on life, which continues to make a woman feel good in her designs.

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