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Daniela Ramirez

Neiman Marcus

March 12, 2016


Daniela Ramirez is the Miami-based fashion blogger behind Nany’s Klozet. This noisemaker has a lot to share and is a master of all things beauty, fashion, fitness, and travel.

Photo courtesy of nanysklozet.com/
Photo courtesy of nanysklozet.com

Neiman Marcus: Neiman Marcus Make Some Noise® celebrates bold women with bold voices who are leading the way forward in technology, fashion, film, music, food, business, and art. What does making noise mean to you?
Daniela Ramirez: For me, making noise is inspiring people to go after their dream and make a difference.

NM: What do you feel is important to make some noise about in today’s world?
DR: Because the younger generation has few good role models, we need more people who care about making a difference than being famous.

NM: What woman changed your life? How?
DR: I wouldn’t be the person I am today without my mom. It sounds cliché but she taught me how to be strong, how to forgive, and how to put others first.

NM: What woman inspires you? Why?
DR: I have a friend who is the founder of a Miami online boutique called Furor Moda. Her name is Tatiana, and she has always inspired me to go after my dream, to go on adventures, to give back, and to work hard — all while being an amazing friend.

NM: If you could share a meal with any woman, present or past, who would it be? What would you ask her?
DR: I think it would be with Audrey Hepburn. We remember her for her beauty and grace, but she was more than that. Her humanitarian work is admirable. I would ask her what was still left on her “life bucket list.”

NM: In your unique way, how do you feel like you’re making an impact on the world?
DR: I like thinking that I’m inspiring my readers to go after their dream—to not take fashion so seriously and just to have fun with it because it’s not the dress you are wearing, it’s what you are doing in that dress.

NM: What advice would you offer young women starting off in your industry?
DR: To do whatever you do for passion and never for money or fame. To stay humble and true to themselves.

NM: Do you have a motto?
DR: Do what you love, love what you do.

How do you find balance in your busy life?
DR: It is definitely hard, but I think I find balance by saying “No, thank you.” Maybe saying no to some partnerships, no to a crazy night out, and no to that extra hour of sleep.

Your idea of the perfect day?
DR: I’m very chill. A perfect day would be spending it with my husband and my dog at the beach, reading a good book.

NM: What do you want your legacy to be?
DR: This is a hard question. I would love to have an influence on making fashion fun again.

NM: Describe your closet in three words?
DR: Versatile, feminine, and fun.

NM: One item every woman needs in her closet?
DR: A good leather jacket.

NM: What’s next?
DR: A book.

NM: What one thing do you do every day?
DR: Count my blessings.

NM: What are the most important characteristics of a successful woman?
DR: A successful woman doesn’t let anything or anyone stop her. She’s a hard worker, honest, and a dreamer.

What has been on your mind this season?
DR: Traveling—I just want to travel.

NM: What have you changed your mind about and why?
DR: It’s okay to change your mind, especially when you understand your weaknesses and strengths. I’m always changing my mind and experimenting with different things—that’s the only way you can truly learn.

NM: What do you like to do when you’re off-duty?
DR: Sleep and Netflix.

NM: Drink of choice?
DR: Water or a yummy green juice.

NM: What are you thankful for?
DR: Everything—my health, family, job opportunities, and friends.

NM: What are you most proud of?
DR: I’m really proud of my blog. I never thought I would get to meet so many amazing people or make it a career. I started it as a hobby with no expectations and there are still some days I cannot believe it.

Currently reading?
DR: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. So inspiring.

Currently listening to?
DR: “Work” by Rihanna.

NM: Most recent splurge?
DR: A PS11, and it’s my favorite.

NM: Designer crush?
DR: 3.1 Phillip Lim.

NM: How much does being a woman influence your work?
DR: 100%. I write to and for women.

NM: Best thing about being a blogger?
DR: Everything. Most importantly knowing that you have an influence just by being yourself.

NM: On staying connected: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Skype…What are you into and what do you skip?
DR: I still love Instagram, and I have been using Snapchat a lot for behind-the-scenes. I skip Periscope.

NM: Your coffee order: Uncomplicated or a lesson in Italian?
DR: Very uncomplicated. I rarely drink coffee, and when I do it is milk with coffee instead of coffee with milk.

NM: What was your last social media update?
DR: A Follow Sunday recommending five amazing Latina fashion bloggers.

NM: What’s the latest app you downloaded?
DR: Pump Up. I’m very into fitness lately, and the app has great features. From tracking weight to creating workouts depending on where you are and what is available to you.

NM: Latest tech obsession?
DR: I just got a Fitbit that tracks your sleep. I want to see how that goes!

NM: What’s the best thing about having a one-on-one relationship with your fans through social media?
DR: Getting to know them and hearing what they like and what they don’t like.

Photo courtesy of nanysklozet.com/
Photo courtesy of nanysklozet.com

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