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Elena Kampouris

Elena Kampouris, Actor

Regina Campbell

December 16, 2013


Elena Kampouris is only 16 years old and already putting her mark on the entertainment industry. With two movies coming out in the span of one month – Nickelodeon’s Jinxed came out the day after Thanksgiving and Labor Day, the drama starring Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin, is premiering Christmas day – her acting career is blooming. Kampouris started with a small role on Gossip Girl and is now part of a major, top-secret Paramount film in production.

Never afraid to step out of her comfort zone and take on a good challenge, this fun and artistic girl is on the cusp of becoming a major teen star, and maybe even the face of an organic beauty line.

We had the chance to chat with the high school sophomore about fashion, music, her life outside the studios and what she wishes to get for Christmas!

Elena Kampouris

HOMETOWN New York City. My father is Greek and my mother is French-American.

HOME NOW Bridgewater, NJ

AGE 16

GUILTY PLEASURE Playing video games, my brother introduced me to them! And fashion, the best way to express yourself.

FAVORITE HOBBY Photography, which I chose as an elective at school.

elena kampouris

VACATION SPOT Greece. When I was younger we used to go there all the time for the holidays and summers. The weather and the food are amazing! Whenever I go out to Greece, we go swimming all the time, and my hair turns white-blond and I actually am able to get a tan!

FIRST ACTING ROLE My first movie that is coming out is Jinxed. But my first part was on Gossip Girl. I played a Constance girl who was a huge fan of Blair.

CAN’T TRAVEL WITHOUT I always bring my school backpack and my little notebook, where I write songs and poems. I make sure I have it always with me. I also always have my phone camera with me.

FAVORITE CUSP BRAND I love Rebecca Minkoff. I have this beautiful watercolor aqua dress, with different green and purple tones. It’s a great party dress that you can wear out too.

LAST PURCHASE AT NM I was actually with my dad, and there was this pair of Chanel checkered black and white tights. They are so cute and comfy for the fall and winter season.

TWITTER @elenakampouris

INSTAGRAM  @elenakampouris

FAVORITE APP I have too many apps on my phone! Heads Up, which is really fun to use with a group of people. I also like Ruzzle, one of those fun words apps to pass the time.

Rebecca Minkoff and Neiman Marcus
Elena Kampouris at the Rebecca Minkoff event in Cusp at NM Short Hills.

ACTING IDOL One of my all time favorite actors is Peter Capaldi, who was on the British show “The Thick of It.” Definitely love Charlize Theron, Tilda Swinton and Edie Falco.

ON A LAZY SUNDAY I love to go shopping with my friends or spending time at home with my dogs – I’m a big animal person, I have three dogs: Chanel, Coco and Petunia.

WHERE ARE YOU SPENDING THE HOLIDAYS? I will actually be filming during the Christmas Holidays, so I’m hoping to be able to come home and spend those days with the family.

CHRISTMAS WISH-LIST One thing I do want is a new pair of slippers – my bulldog has literally put them to shreds!

LISTENING TO ON REPEAT My all time favorite artist by far is Marina And The Diamonds, she’s actually Greek! I also love Lorde, I feel like her lyrics are pretty deep.

SIGNATURE SCENT Lavender, because it’s very fresh. I also wear Hesperides Grapefruit Eau de Parfum by Fresh. I love grapefruit!

Look for Elena Kampouris in Labor Day, out Christmas day!

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