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Holiday Flyer

Regina Campbell

November 4, 2014


His work has been described as both joyous and playful. So who better to illustrate the animated spirit of the season than San Francisco artist Rex Ray, whose vintage-riffing piece adorns the covers of our Holiday issue?

Ray’s distinctive oeuvre may elicit an I know I’ve seen that somewhere response. Perhaps it was a painting in a museum or gallery, a wall covering commissioned for the dining room of New York’s Strand Hotel, or one of Ray’s many design collaborations with Sony and DreamWorks. Or maybe you’re thinking of one of the tour posters he’s created for the Rolling Stones, U2, or punk poet Patti Smith. Perhaps you’ve even gazed upon Ray’s Untitled, 2012, a piece from the permanent NM art collection that currently hangs in our Walnut Creek store.


For this issue of the book, Ray’s energetic swoops and swirls form a fanciful interpretation of NM’s house symbol, the butterfly. The piece began as a painting/collage, with digital flourishes and color-play added later. “This type of hybrid allows me to mix a wide variety of mediums—painting, block-printing, silk screening, as well as digitally augmented coloring and textures,” explains Ray. “In this way, the work references nature, ornament, technology, and modernism.”

Like to see more? Neiman Marcus has partnered with the artist to create exclusive packaging for NM Epicure holiday tins of popcorn, chocolate chip cookies, and peppermint bark. Consider it a (sweet) feast for the eyes! —Stacy Girard

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