Jess Wang - Neiman Marcus

Jess Wang

Neiman Marcus

March 11, 2016


Jess Wang has always had a special knack for fashion. From her home base in NYC she explores and finds new, stylish ways to make heads turn. She is a fashion blogger, photographer, and avid traveler and is taking the world by storm.

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Neiman Marcus: Neiman Marcus Make Some Noise® celebrates bold women with bold voices who are leading the way forward in technology, fashion, film, music, food, business, and art. What does making noise mean to you?
Jess Wang: To speak up and to feel empowered.

NM: What woman changed your life? How?
JW: The births of my daughters have changed my life. My daughters have opened my eyes and my heart. They taught me to see the world differently and to see people differently. I am better because of them. I love better because of them.

NM: What woman inspires you? Why?
JW: I’m inspired by the woman who gave birth to me. My mother is strong and fearless. She has taught me to be determined and always look on the bright side.

NM: How do you find balance in your busy life?
JW: No matter how busy, I always find time to turn off my phone, even just for an hour or two to spend with my kids. I read them stories or play games. Technology is taking over our lives, but even a little time off makes a huge difference.

NM: Your idea of the perfect day?
JW: Spend a day at the beach with my family, building sand castles.

NM: Describe your closet in three words?

NM: One item every woman needs in her closet?
JW: Black leggings.

NM: Drink of choice?
JW: Cabernet Sauvignon.

NM: What are you thankful for?
JW: My beautiful family.

NM: What are you most proud of?
JW: Being able to start a new career in fashion with a finance background.

NM: Most recent splurge?
JW: Bali trip.

NM: Designer crush?
JW: Edgardo Osorio.

NM: Best thing about being a Fashion Blogger?
JW: Freedom to be creative, meeting other talented bloggers/designers and connecting with your readers/followers.

NM: On staying connected: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Skype…What are you into and what do you skip?
JW: Instagram is my main focus. I try to keep up with Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter if time allows.

NM: Your coffee order: uncomplicated or a lesson in Italian?
JW: Coffee is out, matcha is in!

NM: What was your last social media update?
JW: Check my Instagram: @notjessfashion.

NM: What’s the latest app you downloaded?
JW: Uber, lol. I’m so late in the game, but my life is forever changed!

NM: Latest tech obsession:
JW: The iPad Pro

NM: What’s the best thing about having a one-on-one relationship with your fans through social media?
JW: Sharing information instantly.

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