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Jessi Afshin

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March 11, 2016


Jessi Afshin is an Austin-based “inspiration blogger” who reports on all things darling. She hopes to inspire other women to take full advantage of their own creative form of self-expression.

Fashion Blogger Jessi Afshin
Photo courtesy of @thedarlingdetail on Instagram

Neiman Marcus: What do you feel is important to make some noise about in today’s world?
Jessi Afshin: Fear! Overcoming fear. So many of our own personal barriers are meticulously created by our own minds in the fear of fear. My goal is to inspire people to overcome F E A R (false – evidence – appearing – real) by not staying confined to the walls we build for ourselves. Every time I have pursued something I was absolutely afraid of, the blessing that waited on the other side was unimaginable. The first step to overcoming fear is confidence. Now that is something to make noise about!

NM: What advice would you offer young women starting off in your industry?
JA: Confidence is everything. Nobody can control you but yourself, and building your confidence within yourself is the first relationship that you should absolutely pursue. The key step to building that confidence is feeling wonderful about yourself and comfortable with yourself. This is where I personally believe dressing your best comes into play. The way you dress is a message to the world; let it speak loud and clear. People are captivated by a person’s confidence if it’s loud, and they will seek and they will follow.

NM: What woman inspires you? Why?
JA: My mum! Her attitude is incredibly inspirational. She always, always, always has a positive attitude, and I firmly believe this is a key staple in pursuing what you want in life. People pick up on attitude instantly. A good attitude is inviting, comforting, addicting — and it spreads like wildfire. My mom gave the gift to me, and I hope to spread it to everyone else! Attitude is a choice, not a feeling — and the more we encourage others to pursue that choice, the more it will spread.

NM: Do you have a motto?
JA: I have two! “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” And what I like to call the three P’s to Success: Perseverance, Passion, and Patience. I would say those two sayings define my career in a nutshell. Even in the darkest times, they were always by my side!

NM: In your unique way, how do you feel like you’re making an impact on the world?
JA: Ever since the get-go when I started The Darling Detail three years ago, providing inspiration for the 20-something gal-about-town has always been a goal of mine. My goal is to curate affordable pieces that young women can attain (with a pop of covetable luxury in between) and that help them feel good about themselves. I do have plans to add a more lifestyle and even spiritual feel to the blog as well—which I hope will have an even greater impact on my audience. That’s TBD.

NM: How do you find balance in your busy life?
JA: I struggle with balance — I’m a #typeA overachiever and choose work over play. However, I have a little puppy that keeps me (very) balanced and the most wonderful set of supportive friends (they keep me sane). Work can become unhealthy if you don’t find the perfect amount of balance, so allocating certain periods throughout the day (if you need to — even try setting an alarm) to relax or work out is essential. For me, scheduling workout classes in advance always help me take a breather.

NM: What’s next?
JA: I plan on turning The Darling Detail into a friendly community that is welcome to 20-somethings and everyone else alike, instilling confidence, providing style tips, curating attainable and on-trend outfits, and providing lifestyle and spiritual guidance.

NM: What one thing do you do every day?
JA: Quiet time. Every morning, I pop on over to my favorite coffee shop, order a 2% vanilla latte and have about 45 minutes of quiet time. For me this is spiritual, but for anyone else wanting to try, it can be a way to just spend time with yourself and clear your head before taking on the day. As an entrepreneur, I think it’s very important to clear your head and have time to yourself. You are the reason you are successful, so you should always cater to yourself as much as you cater to others.

NM: What has been on your mind this season?
JA: Growth, change, acceleration, confidence, patience.

NM: Most recent splurge?
JA: The Chloé Marcie Satchel in Nut. Hello, I’m smitten!

Fashion Blogger Jessi Afshin
Photo courtesy of @thedarlingdetail on Instagram

NM: One item every woman needs in her closet?
JA: Confidence. I know this isn’t a materialistic item, but it’s so much more important than a physical item could ever be!

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