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Jonathan Simkhai on Maui

Kristen Spaulding

January 17, 2014


New York-born and -based fashion designer Jonathan Simkhai took a break from designing his collection to ring in the New Year in Maui, Hawaii. The designer dishes on his favorite island spots.

Designer Jonathan Simkhai on Maui.
Designer Jonathan Simkhai on Maui.

NM: Describe your ideal day in Maui.
JS: My ideal day would be waking up early, with the sun, and going for a jog on the sand. From there I’d spend most of the day by the pool, drink in hand. Later, I would go for a walk on the beach and let the vivid colors and energy of the sea inspire me. I’d finish the day with a great seafood dinner and cocktails.

"View from the top of the cliff crossing over from Big Beach to Little Beach."
“View from the top of the cliff crossing over from Big Beach to Little Beach.”

NM: No Maui wardrobe is without…
JS: Shades. Mine are with me at all times. Oh and my vintage Reyn Spooner got a lot of use on this most recent trip.

NM: Favorite place to stay…
JS: The Four Seasons on Maui is top notch. They treat me incredibly well and will do anything they can to make their guests happy. The amenities are really great and I love the little shop in the hotel.

Four Seasons Maui.
Four Seasons Maui.

NM: Not-to-be-missed dinner spot…
JS: Mama’s is my favorite for dinner. It’s a well-known spot, but the great views, service and amazing seafood cannot be beat! I also love Saigon Café.

NM: The local cocktail and best bar for it…
JS: A Mai Tai at the Mala Ocean Tavern!

"A fruit stand in the mountains."
“A fruit stand in the mountains.”

NM: Best beach scene…
JS: The drum circle at Little Beach, Sundays around 4pm. Little Beach is hard to get to – requires some climbing over a somewhat perilous hill. But when you arrive, it’s a crazy scene that includes drumming, fire-eating/breathing, dancing and tons of hippies. It’s a blast. Some people have been going for like 40 years!

Little Beach view.
Little Beach view.

NM: Best night scene…
JS: Leilani’s on the Beach is a great spot for people watching and good cocktails.

NM: Don’t leave Maui without…
JS: A tan!

"Beach classic: a beat up VW Bug with surfboard strapped to the top." 
“Beach classic: a beat up VW Bug with surfboard strapped to the top.”

NM: What are you most looking forward to in 2014?
JS: I’m really looking forward to some great travel, mixing work and play, coming up in the first part of this year – LA (twice), Chicago, Japan, Australia. Beyond this, I’m excited for Fashion Week in February, and continuing to build my brand, sneaking into more women’s closets throughout 2014!

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