Morgan Brian Earns Her “Bold Woman” Bona Fides on the Soccer Field - Neiman Marcus

Morgan Brian Earns Her “Bold Woman” Bona Fides on the Soccer Field

Nicole Jordan

August 26, 2016


Meet Morgan Paige Brian — midfielder for the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team and Houston Dash, World Cup Champion, and Noisemaker. The Georgia native has been challenging the status quo for most of her 23 years. Playing with older teammates earned her the childhood nickname Plankton, and last year at 22, she was the youngest member of the Women’s National Team, tapped by Adidas for a global ad campaign. Now, with sights set on Rio, she’s making more noise than ever.



What Making Noise means to her:
“It means breaking barriers and being a part of change — making an impact in today’s world.”

Women who inspire her:
“The women who came before me on the U.S. Women’s National Team have paved the way for players like myself. They made huge strides for women in sports, and I feel it’s our duty to continue to push the ceiling for the next generation of players.”

The gender pay gap:
“If women are doing the same work as men, they should be paid the same. Times are changing, and it’s time the world catches up. Standing up for equal pay and closing the gender pay gap is something that my teammates and I are passionate about.”


Being a role model:
“It’s the best part of being an athlete. I want to show young girls and boys that it’s not just about being the best competitor on the field, but how you conduct yourself off the field. Being a great person and teammate carries far more weight than any athletic achievement.”

Her point of pride:
“I’m most proud of the intelligent women who surround me on the soccer field. We are standing united and reaching new heights in the realm of women’s professional athletics. The progress we’re fighting for will spur change in other realms of business for women.”

Her legacy:
“I want to leave the game of soccer as one of the best players and teammates in the world.”

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