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Neiman Marcus Cooks

Regina Campbell

September 16, 2014


Since 1953, when the glittering Zodiac® restaurant opened in the Neiman Marcus Dallas flagship, gourmet food has been as integral to the NM mystique as designer fashion and Christmas fantasy gifts. This fall, the store’s top gourmand, Vice President of Food Services Kevin Garvin, unveils the store’s fourth cookbook, Neiman Marcus Cooks.

Garvin, a Philadelphia-raised chef who’s helmed NM’s growing family of restaurants for two decades, partnered with renowned publisher Rizzoli on the lush anthology. The 160 dishes range from classics—popovers, chicken salad, orange soufflé—to such clearly 21st- century offerings as Grilled Shrimp and Quinoa Salad with avocado, grapefruit, and toasted almonds.


“Most every recipe was tested in my farmhouse kitchen,” says Garvin. The VP heads east from downtown Dallas many a Friday evening to the tiny hamlet of Jamestown, where 50 acres of pine trees, a bass-stocked pond, and a verdant vegetable garden await.
“Because we spend most holidays at the farm, the roasted turkey recipe got its start out there, along with lots of the cocktails!”

Visual snobs will love the cookbook’s textural images and elegant layouts by photographer Jody Horton and art director Blair Richardson, both Austin-based James Beard award winners. Oenophiles will appreciate the wine pairings throughout, while health nuts will study the nutritional breakdowns for each recipe, zeroing in on Garvin’s selection of “Go Figure” dishes, which clock in at less than 560 calories. “I have customers who eat a 1,000-calorie meal on a Tuesday and come back Friday and order a 450-calorie one,” attests Garvin. “Just like at the restaurant, the cookbook gives you a choice.”


Call it epicurean crowdsourcing: Garvin added the bells and whistles based on customer feedback during his last cookbook- signing tour in 2007.Coinciding with the cookbook’s release, NM stores and will also introduce NM Classic Recipes, ready-to-assemble mixes created with the home entertainer in mind: NM Popover, NM Monkey Bread, The Famous NM Chocolate Chip Cookie, and the restaurants’ most requested salad dressing, balsamic vinaigrette. One simply adds the liquid ingredients (water and eggs for the baked goods, oil and vinegar for the dressing). “You’re guaranteed a restaurant-quality outcome every time,” promises Garvin.

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