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Nicole Winhoffer

Neiman Marcus

March 13, 2016


Nicole Winhoffer is a world-renowned fitness artist who creatively combines dance, self-expression, and fitness. She is the creator of the NW Method, which aims to help women let go of life’s daily distractions and focus on what matters most—themselves.

Photo courtesy of @nicolewinhoffer on Instagram
Photo courtesy of @nicolewinhoffer on Instagram

Neiman Marcus: Neiman Marcus Make Some Noise® celebrates bold women with bold voices who are leading the way forward in technology, fashion, film, music, food, business, and art. What does making noise mean to you?
Nicole Winhoffer: Making noise means believing in something, creating it, communicating it, and doing it in a new way that is your own.

NM: What do you feel is important to make some noise about in today’s world?
NW: I feel that more people should stand up for what they believe in and have more trust in the imagination and subconscious mind. The universe is bigger than man, and we live in a manmade society. People have forgotten that the space and environment we live in are far more powerful than what man has built.

NM: What woman changed your life? How?
NW: There have been many women who have changed my life. They all taught me important lessons at different stages of my life. Every woman I have encountered has been in my life for a reason—nothing is coincidence. I always ask myself, “What can I learn from encountering this woman, and what can she teach me?” After I learn something, I apply it in my life and work.

NM: If you could share a meal with any woman, present or past, who would it be? What would you ask her?
NW: Definitely Oprah! She’s pioneered and created a world that made it ok to be a woman, and to be open and proud of it. She’s been able to use her artistry and passion to build something greater and support women everywhere. I’d ask her what the balance is in her life between her heart and business. I would ask her if she wants to workout with me one day to experience consciousness through movement of the body and to jam. For our meal, we’d start off with a really good bottle of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, my favorite red wine. We’d have salad with avocado, then homemade chicken wings with grilled broccoli rabe. We’d definitely have homemade sweet potato fries with BBQ sauce and honey mustard! For dessert, maybe a berry or lemon tart made by Paula Deen!

NM: In your unique way, how do you feel like you’re making an impact on the world?
NW: I feel I am bringing well-being to others in a new way. Well-being means connecting body, mind, and spirit through my own style of fitness. The NW Method uses movement, spirituality, and music in a truly authentic way. I help others to forget their problems and lead them to make changes in their lives. Dance has never been at the epicenter of athletics, sports, or fitness, despite how beneficial it is to our physical and emotional health. I am excited that I can bring dance to the center of modern well-being.

NM: What advice would you offer young women starting off in your industry?
NW: Don’t listen to anyone else, listen to yourself, and know what you want. Women are able to feel and think at the same time, and that is a gift. Be specific about what you want and don’t stop until you get it.

NM: How do you find balance in your busy life?
NW: Because I am a highly sensitive person, I can usually detect when my balance needs to be addressed. I check in with myself and if I feel like I’m moving too fast, I know that I haven’t been moving at a pace I can handle. I will make sure to bring down the energy by doing things that rejuvenate or calm me. Women often have to search for the balance within. It takes a lot of energy to be a wife, daughter, sister, girlfriend—or to be successful and happy. On top of that, there is pressure to look and feel good. Balance is so important.

NM: Your idea of the perfect day?
NW: I wake up at 7:30 am, and I’m lying in a hammock on the beach in Brazil. I walk to my home on the beach, take an outdoor shower, and have ten gulps of ice water with lemon. I make breakfast for myself—egg white scramble with light butter and lightly roasted potatoes with rosemary. Then I head back to the beach to create a new workout to amazing music. I’d find time for a massage and would invite all my friends over to hang. We would find funny videos on the web and laugh, play good music, have good drinks, be silly, loud, and get ready for a dinner party on the beach at dusk. We’d all sit and enjoy a fancy two-course meal and enjoy each other’s company before dancing into the night and falling asleep in a hammock.

NM: What do you want your legacy to be?
NW: I want my legacy to be inspiring. I’m a risk taker and a pioneer—combining arts, well-being, music, and expression into fitness. I want to help women learn how to be healthy, happy, mindful, confident, and how to manifest their thoughts and emotions in every decade of their lives. I want to get dance and fitness in schools and teach the thoughts that I have about well-being, mind, body, and soul. Entirely allowing people access to their potential through movement, mindfulness, and the NW Method.

NM: Describe your closet in three words?
NW: Different, vibrant, and mysterious.

NM: One item every woman needs in her closet?
NW: A good bra!

NM: What one thing do you do every day?
NW: Dance.

NM: What is the most important characteristic of a successful woman?
NW: Confidence.

NM: What has been on your mind this season?
NW: The world is constantly expanding and at a very fast pace. I care about the well-being of people and how their bodies, minds, and feelings work together. I think that so many of us identify with our thoughts, but they are so often drowned out by life’s distractions. The NW Method is about removing distractions through music and movement.

NM: What do you like to do when you’re off-duty?
NW: I love to get a massage or buy new essential oils and perfume. I like to watch documentaries about consciousness, paint, and be creative while listening to good music.

NM: What are you thankful for?
NW: I’m thankful for the gift of dance because it seems to be one of the only things that helps me be present. I am always learning about myself through my body and movement.

NM: Currently reading?
NW: The Thinking Body by Mabel Elsworth Todd

NM: Currently listening to?
NW: Rihanna’s new album, Anti. I’m also listening to a lot of house music and Erykah Badu.

NM: Most recent splurge?
NW: Whole Foods! I could spend so much money in that store. I love it!

NM: Designer crush?
NW: I have such a girl-crush on Stella McCartney.

NM: How much does being a woman influence your work?
NW: 100%. It’s all about a woman’s curves.

NM: On staying connected: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Skype…What are you into and what do you skip?
NW: I like Instagram. It’s very visual, and I love the NW community that has been built around my classes and teachings. Check me out: @nicolewinhoffer.

NM: Your coffee order: Uncomplicated or a lesson in Italian?
NW: I like a dark roast iced coffee with an extra shot of espresso and a little half and half, or three shots of espresso with water and whole fat, frothy milk.

NM: What was your last social media update?
NW: Five new moves to “Waves” by Kanye West. We’re literally dancing on the ceiling.

NM: What’s the latest app you downloaded?
NW: My app! NW Method by Nicole Winhoffer!

NM: Latest tech obsession:
NW: iPhone 6S Plus

NM: What’s the best thing about having a one-on-one relationship with your fans through social media?
NW: I love being in touch with their honesty and opinions. It’s great feedback and keeps me moving forward to be a better creator and teacher.

Photo courtesy of @nicolewinhoffer on Instagram
Photo courtesy of @nicolewinhoffer on Instagram

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