Out There: Meeting Canada Goose’s Awe-Inspiring Goose People - Neiman Marcus

Out There: Meeting Canada Goose’s Awe-Inspiring Goose People

Neiman Marcus

December 10, 2015


For 58 years, Canada Goose has dedicated itself to the wild and resolute, the tenacious and relentless, and those who go out to be tested and persevere. These are the Goose People.

Out There is a short film, created in collaboration with Academy Award-winning screenwriter/director and fellow Canadian Paul Haggis, that shares the rich adventures of four incredible Goose People, all of whom had unyielding drive to do what others may deem impossible.


Throughout the film, we meet:

Musher Lance Mackey, known as the toughest athlete alive for twice winning the Iditarod and Yukon Quest Races back-to-back after a four-year battle with cancer.

Paddy Doyle, the arctic pilot who survived the Canadian Arctic after a forced landing on ice.

Mountaineer Laurie Skrislet, who became the first Canadian to summit Mt. Everest.

Explorer Karl Bushby who, to this day, is pursuing an incredible walk around the world.

Nurse Marilyn Hofman-Smith, who put Canada Goose to the ultimate test after falling through ice and frozen water, only to be buoyed up by her Canada Goose Snow Mantra parka.


Out There celebrates not only the amazing people Canada Goose has partnered with over the years and who have accomplished truly incredible feats, but also pays homage to its 20-year relationship with the film and entertainment industry. Canada Goose has continually kept casts and crews outfitted both on- and off-camera. As a staple for tough film sets around the world, it has helped hardworking cinephiles endure long shoots and cold climates.

The film is now live and available to watch here: www.CanadaGoose.com/OutThere.


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