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Sheryl Luke

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March 10, 2016


Sheryl Luke is the L.A.-based fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger behind Walk in Wonderland. She enjoys all sorts of fashion and roots herself in edgy-chic glam. Luke hopes to inspire her readers and urges them to live in the moment.

Photo courtesy of @walkinwonderland on Instagram
Photo courtesy of @walkinwonderland on Instagram

Neiman Marcus: Neiman Marcus Make Some Noise® celebrates bold women with bold voices who are leading the way forward in technology, fashion, film, music, food, business, and art. What does making noise mean to you?

Sheryl Luke: It means to create awareness about things that really matter—whether that’s acceptance of each other’s beliefs and cultures, or awareness of unhealthy beauty standards that harm the self-esteem of young girls and women all over the world.

NM: What do you feel is important to make some noise about in today’s world?
SL: We are more connected to each other than we have ever been as a species, so the potential for cultivating real good for our communities and our planet as a whole is massive.

NM: What woman changed your life? How?
SL: My mom. She showed me that no matter how hard life pushes you down, you get up, learn lessons, and work hard.

NM: What woman inspires you? Why?
SL: Any woman who isn’t afraid to express her beliefs and stands by her convictions.

NM: What advice would you offer young women starting off in your industry?
SL: Let your passion for fashion motivate you to learn as much as you can, and always retain your own unique voice.

NM: Do you have a motto?
SL: The world is a wonderland—explore it in style.

NM: Describe your closet in three words?
SL: Messy, messy, and messy!

NM: One item every woman needs in her closet?
SL: A well-tailored blazer.

NM: What one thing do you do every day?
SL: I am useless before my morning coffee, so that is the first thing I get to.

NM: What are the most important characteristics of a successful woman?
SL: Diligence, focus, belief, and integrity.

NM: What do you like to do when you’re off-duty?
SL: Drink a cocktail, and watch Netflix in my PJs.

NM: Drink of choice?
SL: Lychee Martini

NM: What are you thankful for?
SL: I’m so grateful to be able to do what I love for a living. Not everyone gets that opportunity, so I think it’s important to always remember that.

NM: Most recent splurge?
SL: My Gucci Dionysus from Neiman Marcus.

NM: Designer crush?
SL: Gucci

NM: On staying connected: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Skype…What are you into and what do you skip?
SL: Definitely Instagram (@walkinwonderland), and at times Facebook. I rarely ever use Skype.

NM: Your coffee order: uncomplicated or a lesson in Italian?
SL: Uncomplicated.

NM: When was your last social media update?
SL: Every day, baby.

Photo courtesy of @walkinwonderland on Instagram
Photo courtesy of @walkinwonderland on Instagram

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