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Time’s Arrow Designer Christine’s Tribeca Office

Kristen Spaulding

April 3, 2014


As soon as I walk into Time’s Arrow founder Christine Park’s Tribeca design studio, I can spot her attention to detail. Perfectly placed leather pouches sit next to organized groupings—notebooks, pens, hand cream, lip gloss, clementines and decorative plants. It’s Park’s thoughtful approach to design that makes her line of leather handbags so desirable. Although the collection launched less than a year ago, it has quickly become known for versatile interior compartments and colorful patterns. Each handbag is designed from the inside out.

Time's Arrow handbags in Park's office.
Time’s Arrow handbags in Park’s office.
Christine Park's desk.
Christine Park’s desk.
Park's inspiration board.
Park’s inspiration board.

Park believes a handbag should function on all design levels—visually, practically, with ease and convenience. “Keeping an on-the-go woman organized is actually one of our brand tenets,” says Park. The designer attributes choosing the right size handbag as one of the most important qualities to stay organized. Whether packing a tote or a clutch, Park’s philosophy is to “keep it simple.” She credits “the amazing bold women that surround me, past and present” as her daily inspiration.


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