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Amore Pacific

Regina Campbell

September 17, 2013


From BB creams to eyelash extensions, South Korea has been setting beauty trends for a number of years. But some of its most effective beauty secrets are actually centuries old.

The country’s leading Asian botanical skincare line, AmorePacific, was founded in 1945 with a mission to respect and incorporate native ingredients and traditional medicine while also investing in modern technology. The goal was to create the most effective antiaging products in the world, inspired by the legendary green tea grown on Jeju, a volcanic island off the southern tip of the Korean Peninsula.

Amore Pacific
Amore Pacific Time Response products

Amore Pacific

For hundreds of years, royalty drank tea made from Jeju’s prized plants—and rubbed the leaves on their faces. AmorePacific studied the tea strain and found unusually high concentrations of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), one of the most potent and cell-friendly antioxidants known—essentially a shield against the free radicals that damage human cells.

Not only did this valuable tea become the pillar of AmorePacific’s formulas, but the company also acquired its own tea farms. Its plants have been cultivated and harvested by hand for decades, and it uses top-secret, proprietary methodologies to ensure optimal efficacy of EGCG in its products.


AmorePacific’s products also don’t use water, which actually depletes moisture from skin. Instead, the company uses bamboo sap, in which amino acids and minerals help hydrate, strengthen, and nourish skin. Also present: red ginseng, a natural antioxidant that helps increase hyaluronic acid production.

But the luxury skincare products are about much more than what can be used from a Korean garden. Harmony between science and nature is also a cornerstone. For its Time Response line, AmorePacific partnered with the research group of soft matter physics whiz Dr. David Weitz of Harvard University to create a delivery system called Microfluidics, which enables the line’s ingredients to continuously penetrate to the deepest levels of skin during a 24-hour period.


Not only are the Time Response collection’s controlled-release capabilities unique, but its 63 active ingredients also aim to stimulate the genes responsible for collagen production, melanin regulation, and moisture retention—for measurably clearer, firmer, more radiant, younger-looking skin.



Though Time Response products complement one another, you can pick and choose what to add to your current skincare regimen. The powerful green tea–derived combo of stem cells, saponins, and EGCG in Time Response Skin Renewal Serum increases cellular regeneration on its own, but its effect is enhanced by the deeply hydrating Time Response Skin Renewal Creme—and the concentrated ginger and pine mushroom in Time Response Eye Renewal Creme enhance circulation to reduce dark circles and puffiness.

Though AmorePacific’s formulas have achieved cult status, it stresses that no one can fully protect themselves with its elixirs alone. A holistic, healthy lifestyle idealizes AmorePacific’s approach to beautiful skin, as well as a younger-looking, more radiant you.

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