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Artis Makeup Brushes

Regina Campbell

March 2, 2015


At first glance, Artis designs look like sophisticated versions of a baby hairbrush, not your usual makeup brush. But when was the last time that a makeup brush design was challenged? These oh-so-important tools are used whenever you wear makeup – unless you prefer to apply with your fingers – in which case you should still continue to read this.

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Personally, I invest in brushes because I believe that they will last quite a long time, more than any skincare or makeup product. However, some brushes feel like the foundation or eye shadow doesn’t stay on the tip of the bristles but instead moves toward the inside, thus losing part of the color and requiring that I clean the brush more often. So, many women prefer to use their fingers to apply concealer and eye shadow.


Now, Artis brushes are revolutionizing the way a beauty brush should work, thanks to Matthew Waitesmish, who spent 17 years developing makeup and training artists at MAC before founding Artis. The brushes’ bent-forward, resin-based handle is unique. Fear not dear beauty gurus, as soon as you hold it, the experience is completely intuitive, imitating the way that women apply makeup with their own fingers.


I got the set of five Artis Fluenta small-to-medium brushes: a small circle brush (Circle 1), a flat one (Linear 1) and three oval ones in different sizes. These five, plus an Oval 8 foundation brush (my favorite), offer me a wide range of options. I usually wear Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer to give me just enough coverage and still get that no-makeup makeup look. The experience is completely different than applying moisturizer or foundation with a makeup sponge. Artis brushes have tapered CosmeFibre that literally spreads the makeup evenly with almost no loss in between fibers. You get an even foundation application and use less makeup than before.

Artis Oval 8 brush
Artis Oval 8 brush

The Oval 6 brush is perfect for applying blush or bronzer. The surface has a flat look that might make you hesitate, since no one wants a stained look. But the fibers are so thin and soft that the application is soft and the product is easy to blend.


The smaller brushes help you personalize your application, depending on the size of tool you like to use for eye shadows. You might even get into the habit of applying concealer with a small oval brush. I use the Oval 4 for this, and the application is easy and gives a smooth result. Linear 1 is a great brush for eyeliner lovers. The fact that the brush is longer than usual definitely helps me get a straighter, tighter line, plus you can switch from eye shadow to gel eyeliner thanks to the easy cleaning method. Artis’ cleaning pad and the extraordinary cleansing foam removes foundation and even lipstick from the fibers in a snap.

Linear 1 and Circle 1 brushes
Linear 1 and Circle 1 brushes

The Circle 1 brush has multiple uses. I go from eye shadow to lip color after giving it a quick cleaning. The brush’s small rounded format makes it easy to apply lipstick without going off the lip lines, and the soft CosmeFibre is great for a perfect smoky-eye blend. The application is as fun and effective as it sounds, and the whole process feels very sophisticated, so let me just say there’s no going back. I also love to keep my brushes in the velvet box in which they were packaged.

The Fluenta collection is exclusive to NM and is an elevated Artis line made in the U.S. Shop Artis makeup brushes here, or visit one of these six NM stores (NM Coral Gables, NM Las Vegas, NM Austin, NM Dallas NorthPark, NM Newport Beach and NM Beverly Hills) to try them.

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