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Brow-Shaping Secrets from Expert Sania Vucetaj

Regina Campbell

May 1, 2015


Although most of us aren’t lucky enough to be graced with natural, bold, beautiful brows like model Cara Delevingne, we can invest in the proper tools to create and maintain our face-framers. A pioneer in the industry, Sania Vucetaj gives us the inside scoop on her brow-shaping secrets.

NM: The bold brow continues to reign supreme this season. What are your thoughts on the fuller brow?
SV: Long before it became the latest trend, I was an advocate for full brows. I am hoping that people realize full brows should not just be a “trend” but are timeless – think Audrey Hepburn. Brows are a permanent fixture on the face and provide a frame for the eyes, so keeping them full provides the most youthful and sophisticated look. My signature has always been the full, lush brow because it is flattering on everyone.

NM: What do you personally love about brows this season?
SV: I love that people are now recognizing the important role brows play. A well-shaped brow can take years off someone! Shaping brows for over two decades, I was one of the pioneers in the brow industry. My brand continues to stay true to all-things-brows. Moreover, our fascination with “bold” brows has made women less afraid of brow pencils and more adventurous. Women used to shy away from the pencil for fear of looking like Oscar the grouch – but now women are opting for pencils to enhance their brows and bring out their eyes.

NM: What is the best way to determine the right brow shape your face?
SV: The perfect brow is pretty universal. The inner part of your brow should start aligned with the top bridge of your nose. The arch should be lifted three fourths of the way back (at your brow peak). And the back end should align with the outer angle of your eye. Brows should be considered twin sisters – symmetry is key! If brows are uneven, then it throws off all your facial features.


NM: What is the best way to maintain a thick, well-manicured brow?
SV: Thick brows are what every woman desires but there is a difference between a full, well-manicured brow and a messy one. Women should do their research to find a professional they can trust to shape/repair/maintain their brows. I am self-taught, and what many women do not realize is that there is little to no training at all when it comes to brows. So when you go to your local nail salon and get your brows threaded/waxed, most of these ladies have no education when it comes to understanding/shaping brows. Trusting just anyone with your brows will most often lead to thin, unsymmetrical ones.

NM: Once you get your brows correctly shaped, how you can maintain them from home?
SV: By using this trick. Outline brows to your desired shape with a pencil and tweeze only hairs that fall outside the shape. Outlining your brows will keep you from over-tweezing and act as a guideline. Tweeze a few hairs on one side then switch to the other brow. Alternating back and forth will ensure you’re keeping both brows balanced and symmetrical and not removing too many hairs on one side. Do this about every 2-4 weeks – more often than that and you’re obsessing!

NM: What is your method of brow shaping?
SV: My method for brow shaping is strictly tweezing. Tweezing is the most precise method because you are removing individual hairs. Waxing and threading pull multiple hairs at once and therefore lack precision. Achieving the perfect brow shape is an art and every hair counts! Furthermore, waxing stretches the delicate skin around the eyes, which can lead to that skin sagging over the years. Threading pulls hairs in all directions, which breaks the hairs and causes painful/unappealing in-grown hairs.

To tweeze your brows, you definitely need the right tweezers like my Sania’s Brow Bar Slanted Tip Tweezers. Use a good pair of tweezers that are not dull. Slant tip tweezers are best because they pull hair by the root and avoid breaking the hairs.

NM: What are your thoughts on tinting brows?
SV: Tinting brows can be very harsh on these delicate brow hairs. By using a good brow pencil, you can lighten/darken brows as you wish. This gives you more control and avoids damaging the follicles.

NM: Any other brow advice?
SV: Be sure to avoid any creams, lotions, foundations, moisturizers, etc. on or around the brow area. These creams seep into and block the hair follicles, which prevents hair growth. Creams also cause existing brow hair to fall out, which could be the reason behind thinning brows over time. Think about it – you wouldn’t put these products on your scalp! If you follow this advice, you will notice your brows start to get fuller. But be patient – it could take months to see results! Similarly, avoid using brow gels as they tend to cause brows to fall out over time as well.

Meet Sania Vucetaj at NM Westchester on Saturday May 2.

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