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Building a Mascara Wardrobe

Rachel Anise

December 9, 2014


If eyes are the windows to the soul, then lashes, invariably, are the window dressings. The beauty of this metaphor is that, much like an opulent drape or gossamer curtain significantly alters the overall appearance of a window, mascara can be strategically selected to create a specific look that dramatically transforms the ever important eyes. In light of the current spectrum of formulas designed for daily wear, rich pigmentation, stunning length, amplified volume and a maximum flutter factor, building a mascara wardrobe has never been an easier enterprise!

Beauty Professor Rachel Anise applying mascara.
Beauty Professor Rachel Anise applying mascara.


Here are five mascara formulas that collectively yield an endless array of looks for your lashes:

1.Clé de Peau Beauté Perfect Lash Mascara: For classically full fringe (without clumps!) in a singular coat, this latest mascara from the luxurious Clé de Peau Beauté line is a must. It sets quickly, making a rushed, early morning out-the-door application entirely fuss free, and although it doesn’t claim to be waterproof, the stalwart formula doesn’t budge, even in the most inclement of weather. Excellent for daily wear

2.Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Excess Mascara: The obsidian tube is merely the first sign that this ultra-black mascara means business. With an oversized, densely bristled brush and a creamy formula that instantly fuses with lashes, two coats create lush volume and a dramatically dark, slightly shiny effect that is decadently edgy and intense. Excellent for moments with only the deepest, darkest lashes will do

3.Chantecaille Faux Cils Mascara: Natural waxes, vegetal polymers and Red Seawood blend in harmony to create a lightweight formula that extends lashes to their loftiest lengths. Although this nourishing mascara is impressively water resistant, lashes remain remarkably soft and flexible, allowing them to reach maximum heights for a wide-eyed look. Who needs false lashes when one can wear Chantecaille Faux Cils? Excellent for extreme lengthening

4.Chanel Le Volume de Chanel Mascara in 030 Prune: There are times when classic black is bested by an unconventional pop of color. Couple said color with immense volume and you have Chanel’s iconic Le Volume Mascara in Prune. The robust burgundy hue dries to a deep aubergine that casts just enough color to add rich warmth and interest to the eyes, and the plush formula expertly expands lashes for wildly exceptional volume. This mascara also comes in Noir (a rich black) and Bleu (an indigo navy). Excellent for major volume and sophisticated shade options

5.Lancome Grandiose Mascara: This jet black mascara has a patented swan-neck wand that enables every available lash to be coated in the conditioning formula. For lashes that convey a delicate, intricate, fanned effect, Lancome Grandiose is, well, grand. Excellent for full and fluttery fringe.

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