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Clé de Peau Beauté Synactif facial

Regina Campbell

January 14, 2015


It’s officially 2015! We are back in our offices, where conversations revolve around body detoxes and getting back into our regimens after a month of holiday indulgences. Because our skin is the first area to reflect our recent habits, we’ve decided it’s time for a beauty detox. Besides exfoliating and hydrating our skin, this winter we are all about deeply purifying it, and Clé de Peau Beauté Synactif skincare line is on the top of our lists. For those of you who are not familiar with this newly revamped line, I’ll share my latest Synactif facial experience at the Neiman Marcus flagship. (Yes, you can get facials at NM!)

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As soon as I lie down in the perfectly heated bed, the Clé de Peau Japan-trained aesthetician, Lauri, speaks calmly about the treatment I’m about to receive: the new Synactif Intensive Purifying and Brightening facial. Throughout this extremely relaxing experience, she explains every step, occasionally misting the room with Rose Synactif eau de parfum.

She starts by cleaning my skin with Synactif Soap, which contains peony extract for purification and hyaluronic acid for intense moisturizing . She removes my makeup completely with Le Coton pads and uses a fine mist spay for additional cleansing .

Replenishing and brightening follow, adding moisture and beneficial nutrients to the skin and improving the skin’s clarity. A thermal massage is next, using Clé de Peau’s proprietary machine with plates that can increase the temperature of the skin. The massage enables blood and lymphatic circulation, which means the detox is already underway.

Warm massage.
Warm massage.

Lauri continues with the special cream mask that holds the key ingredient of the Synactif facial. The cream contains Clé de Peau’s proprietary ingredient MACC PD, which not only enhances the functions of skin’s lymphatic channels but also purifies and revives the skin, and cinnamon bark extract, which expands the cream’s ability to detoxify and helps eliminate inflammatory cells. This facial would be a powerful experience with just the mask alone, but it also targets dark spots and helps brighten the skin.

Cool massage.
Cool massage.

Following the mask, Lauri uses the Synactif proprietary plates for a cold temperature cooling massage that promotes lymphatic flow and drainage, which ultimately will tighten the pores and help retain the hydration effects and nutrients of the mask. Finally, to lock everything in, Lauri applies the Synactif Crème for intense moisturizing, lifting and smoothing.

For me, this 70-minute experience was heavenly. Not only do you get to enjoy peace and relaxation, but the next day – after consuming plenty of water – you will also look like you just had four days of beauty sleep, plus a full skin detox and surge of nutrients. It’s easy to schedule your Synactif facial – just call our Clé de Peau Beauté counter* in Cosmetics. For now, you can shop the Synactif collection here.

*The Synactif facial is available at 25 select Neiman Marcus stores. Call your nearest NM for more information.

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