Eddie Borgo on this Spring’s Beauty Event Tote - Neiman Marcus

Eddie Borgo on this Spring’s Beauty Event Tote

Regina Campbell

February 18, 2015


We were delighted to commission jeweler, CFDA award-winner, and all-around trendsetter Eddie Borgo to design Spring’s Beauty Event Tote. And we were even more thrilled with the result: a matte-coated rubber magazine tote and zipper pouch in a truly modern palette of smoky celery, rose, and gray. To learn more about his inspiration, we sat down with Borgo for a rapid-fire Q&A session.

Eddie Borgo
Eddie Borgo

Eddie Borgo_Neiman Marcus Beauty Event Sketch_Tote

NM: Tell us more about the tote.
EB: We like to consistently explore new and innovative materials, and I was curious to use rubber for this project. I wanted to use it in a modern way, creating designs that were compact and personal. Rubber, in the soft color palette I selected, feels distinct and unique.

Beauty Event Tote in progress
Beauty Event Tote in progress
Additional gift with purchase – the zip pouch
Additional gift with purchase – the zip pouch

NM: Where do you go to find inspiration?
EB: I love to visit the Picture Collection at the New York Public Library. It has a vast catalog of imagery that tracks the visual history of New York through the decades.

NM: What’s trending in your neighborhood?
EB: In fashion, there’s a kaleidoscope of color—but in accessories, not clothing, please! And in beauty, it’s all about customized candles.

NM: What makes a woman most beautiful?
EB: Confidence, positivity, curiosity, and passion.

NM: What’s your approach to skincare?
EB: I’m very methodical about my routine. I drink a lot of water to stay hydrated.

Shop the The Beauty Event online and in stores, February 16 – March 1.

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