Jet-Set with Flawless Skin and Le Métier de Beauté - Neiman Marcus

Jet-Set with Flawless Skin and Le Métier de Beauté

Neiman Marcus

April 4, 2016


The spring season—and all of the travel that it inspires—is upon us, calling for balanced, toned, protected skin and an effortless, glowing complexion. Fortunately, Le Métier de Beauté has you covered with these products!

Utterly singular in its fusion of skincare and beauty, Le Métier de Beauté never fails to be on the cutting edge of the industry. Most recently, the brand launched a skincare pairing designed to help combat the spectrum of stresses inherent to our environment. Free radicals—abundant in polluted air—are known to increase the development of fine lines and wrinkles; in response, the Vital ET Recovery Boost, with formulas for both face and body, were designed to protect and repair the insidious effects of free radicals with a proprietary vitamin E complex. Combined with a couple of key beauty products from the line, preparing your travel-ready face and body has never been easier.

Start by applying a generous amount of the Vital ET Recovery Boost – Body, post-shower. The weightless formula instantly absorbs into skin, leaving a nourished sheen that lasts the entire day. Over the course of testing for the past month, I have noted that my sensitive skin looks and feels firmer, tauter, and more resilient. This definitely will be accompanying me on my upcoming trip to Bermuda!

After cleansing the face, apply a single pump of the soothing Vital ET Recovery Boost – Face. I love the gentle herbal scent (that dissipates within seconds) and appreciate the smooth, balanced way my skin glows. With continued use, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles diminishes and the visage becomes brighter and more even-toned. I rarely need additional moisture following this serum, but I often follow with the hallowed Peau Vierge (a daily obsession) for illumination and a sheer wash of color.

Travel necessitates a paring down of beauty products, if only to make your carry-on luggage less complicated. Consider the Le Métier de Beauté Full Stream Kaleidoscope, which features a translucent powder, glowing pink blush, versatile highlighter (works well on both cheeks and eyes), and neutral bronze eye shadow (that I, personally, have used as an impromptu bronzer) for four beauty options in one. Coupled with the universally flattering Colour Core Stain Lipstick in Bondi Beach—a creamy mid-toned nude pink—and your travel-ready face is achievable!


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