Michael Kors Spring 2015 - Neiman Marcus

Michael Kors Spring 2015

Kristen Spaulding

September 12, 2014


Makeup artist Dick Page created the “clean, natural and healthy” beauty look at Michael Kors’ Spring 2015 fashion show earlier this week. The show was inspired by the optimism of the 1950s. Page applied foundation to take out imperfections and redness and prepped skin for bronzer with matte powder. He amped up brows with brow sets and ensured they were stil natural-looking.

Designer Michael Kors with makeup artist Dick Page.
Designer Michael Kors with makeup artist Dick Page.

For eyes, Page mixed dark brown eyeliner with a small amount of gloss and applied it across lower and upper lash lines. He kept the upper lid clear. The liner was intended to look scrubby and round, smudged and murky looking. For a soft but defined look, brown mascara was applied to top and bottom lashes.

Michael Kors, Spring 2015.
Michael Kors, Spring 2015.

For the model’s cheeks, bronze powder was used to create warm, matte skin. The bronzer was cut with translucent powder and applied across the nose, close to the eye and on the apples of the cheeks. The look of the bronzer was kept center. Then, a warmer bronzer was applied to cheeks to deepen the intensity.

“We gave the models a healthy and pretty look that was clean and soft-edged,” says Page. “It was important to give warmth but keep the look natural with diffused color overall that beautifully with the youthful collection.”

For lips, a rosy pink color was dabbed on to lips with a bit of brown eyeliner mixed in.

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