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Professional Makeup Tips from Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy

Kristen Spaulding

May 7, 2015


Napoleon Perdis is known for making women feel beautiful. The man behind the brand is passionate and bold, which is why it’s not surprising that glamour continues to live at the heart of his namesake cosmetics collection.

Napoleon Perdis.
Napoleon Perdis.

Since 1995 Perdis has been “celebrating and elevating” women’s natural beauty with confidence-building products and education. Although Perdis’ influences include fashion, Hollywood, music, art and interior design, he’s continued to maintain his focus on making the latest trends achievable. Perdis has trained over 25,000 students at his makeup academies, offering both professional courses for aspiring makeup artists and practical workshops for women wanting to perfect their application techniques in the United States and Australia. I had the pleasure of attending a one-day course at the Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy in Hollywood, CA. Here, some highlights from the course:

Napoleon Perdis Makeup Acadmey in Hollywood.
Napoleon Perdis Makeup Acadmey in Hollywood.

Choosing the Right Brush
To give your look a professional edge, choosing the right brushes is just as important as finding the best products and colors for your skin type. There are two types of bristles – synthetic and natural – and both should be in your makeup bag. Natural bristle brushes are more porous than those with synthetic bristles, which is why you should use natural brushes when applying powders and dry products and use synthetic brushes for creams or liquids.


Diminishing Dark Circles
Diminish undereye dark circles with Napoleon Perdis’ “Hollywood V” technique. Use a brush to apply concealer in the shape of a V under each eye, making sure the V starts at the inner corner and outer edge of each eye and meets at the top of each cheekbone. Use a darker-color concealer for the inner corner line and a lighter concealer for the outer corner line. This creates a highlight that will make your eyes the focus.

Napoleon Perdis Hollywood V technique.
Napoleon Perdis Hollywood V technique.

Defining Your Brows
The key to defined, natural-looking brows is not only choosing the correct eyebrow pencil shade but also using the right the technique. If you are a brunette, make sure to use a pencil that is one shade lighter than your hair color. If you are a blonde, use one shade darker. Start by filling in the brow at the highest point of your arch and move the pencil away from the direction the hair grows. By doing this, you will ensure the color is placed on the skin and not on top of the eyebrow hairs. To finish, be sure to extend the tail of your brow slightly out, not down.

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