Rebecca Minkoff Spring 2016 - Neiman Marcus

Rebecca Minkoff Spring 2016

NM Social Team

March 14, 2016


Ever the innovator, Rebecca Minkoff broke from the pack at February’s New York Fashion Week with a disruptive, buy-now, wear-now approach. Instead of revealing new looks for Fall 2016, she presented an update of the Spring 2016 collection she’d debuted back in September. More to the point, she made it available for purchase immediately after the show.


The #SeeBuyWear strategy eliminates the all-too-familiar six-month wait between Fashion Week and a collection’s arrival in stores. “Rather than seeing it on bloggers and celebrities and in magazines for months before you can actually shop, it will be available immediately,” Rebecca told NM Fashion Director Ken Downing. “With this model, we are meeting our consumers’ needs in a way we haven’t ever before, and that is critical.”

Not all the news was on the runway. Backstage before the show, radiant skin, precise brows, and flesh-tone lips were ubiquitous, as key artist Viviana Martin and the team from Kevyn Aucoin Beauty went to work to give models a glowing, natural look. Skin was illuminated with The Sensual Skin Enhancer. Decisive eyebrows were shaped with The Precision Brow Pencil, and lips made a rosy neutral with Evermore Matte Lip Color. Good news for us: The beauty products are buy-now, wear-now just like the clothes.


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