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Tools of The Trade

Regina Campbell

October 17, 2015


Brian Blair, NM Beauty Specialist:
1) Yes, I use my Clarisonic twice a day, sometimes three times!

2) I use the Clarisonic usually when I’m in the shower. It only takes 60 seconds, so it’s very easy to use.
It keeps my skin in amazing condition.

3) I also use Guerlain’s Cleansing Cream with it. Though you can use any cleanser with the Clarisonic,
I use this one because it smells great, rids my skin of any impurities from my day and leaves my skin
very soft and feeling well moisturized.

4) I have been using the Clarsonic for five years, possibly longer. I still use the original one I purchased!
I have a backup on standby.

5) Be sure to move the Clarisonic around your face after each time it beeps (every 15 seconds) to ensure
that you cleanse the entire face. It only takes 60 seconds, so it’s very easy to incorporate into your skin
regimen. I also recommend leaving it in the shower so you don’t forget to use it. Once fully charged, it
lasts for quite a while. I charge mine sporadically. I love it!


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