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10 Minutes With: Chiara Boni of La Petite Robe at NYFW

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March 7, 2017


Designer Chiara Boni is no secret to the stars and socialites of Hollywood. Her noteworthy brand, La Petite Robe di Chiara Boni, provides undeniably elegant and sexy designs to women worldwide. A favorite of runway models and television personalities alike, Boni is famed for her use of Italian jersey and feminine creations.

We had the opportunity to speak with the designer after her NYFW show in February. Read on to discover her secrets to dressing for fall.


Neiman Marcus: We were so excited to see you at New York Fashion Week! What were the weeks of preparation leading up to the big day like for you and your team?

Chiara Boni: Chaotic and exciting.


NM: How does this collection compare to your Fall 2016 collection?

CB: The Fall 2016 collection portrayed a cosmic woman—we are now in front of a chic international globetrotter for 2017.


NM: Tell us about the inspiration for your Fall 2017 collection.

CB: My inspiration always comes from women. This particular woman is very independent—armed with an adventurous spirit and impeccable taste.


NM: The Fall 2017 collection has an underlying theme of global women on the go. Why were you drawn to this concept?

CB: I think of my friends and myself during the design process—we are all women on the go.


NM: Tell us more about the La Petite Robe woman this season. What are her favorite activities, and where is she going in these pieces?

CB: She is a frequent flyer, a guest of the most prestigious hotels in the world, and always travels in style.


NM: What colors were you most excited to use this season?

CB: Aubergine, black, forest green, and ocean blue.


NM: What is your go-to textile for fall?

CB: I always create my collections with the same material—our signature Italian jersey. This winter, I decided to incorporate different aspects into that same material, offering sparkles with metallic accents and silver embellishments.


NM: What new design techniques did you incorporate into the fall collection?

CB: The sinuous shapes of women’s bodies are exalted by the zippers, which decorate necklines and cuffs, injecting a graphic twist into the clothes. These can be pulled up to create a feminine peplum detail.


NM: Name one piece from this collection that every woman needs to own.

CB: A dress with zipper detail.


NM: What are your styling recommendations for fall?

CB: Each woman has her own style. I recommend looking in the mirror and feeling beautiful.


NM: Do you have a favorite beauty trend for the season?

CB: A touch of red lipstick.


NM: If you could only wear one color for the rest of the season, which would it be and why?

CB: If I can only choose one, I have to choose black.


NM: If you had to give women one piece of advice, what would it be?

CB: Feel at ease with what you are wearing—this will make you look more beautiful.


NM: Describe your brand in three words.

CB: Feminine, graceful, and dynamic.

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