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10 Minutes With: Frye

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August 15, 2016


As fall approaches we find ourselves daydreaming of long wool coats, cozy knit sweaters, and above all, boots. Whether it’s ankle, combat, knee-high, or over-the-knee, the love for flaunting your newest pair of fall boots is ubiquitous. With all of these styles in mind, we got the inside scoop from the Frye designers about the new Modern Icons Collection.



Neiman Marcus: Where did the inspiration for this collection begin? Who had an impact on the pieces, and how did the concept evolve?

A: The Frye Company is the second oldest American brand and the longest-running footwear brand. After more than 153 years, any great heritage brand has to continually evolve and innovate, while also staying true to its DNA. Our inspiration truly came from our founder, John A. Frye, and the values and standards that he infused into his original designs. We wanted to stay true to our heritage, while simultaneously producing elevated, modernized styles that can be worn by any man and woman for years to come.


NM: The Modern Icons collection is the “next generation of originals.” How have these styles been influenced by classics from the past?

A: Frye Originals have outlasted trends and defied time. The Modern Icons Collection is an evolution of these—reinterpreted with refreshed details and refined materials. They were reimagined with present-day inspirations for both men’s and women’s looks. It’s about bringing a focus to the iconic styles that customers have loved for years. The Modern Icons Collection recreates six classics, including the combat boots worn during World War II, engineer styles, western styles, and the well-known harness boot worn by John Lennon.



NM: In your opinion, what makes each style in this collection an icon?

A: The Modern Icons Collection is the embodiment of timeless American style. The styles in this collection are a nod to the past, but look to the future. They are refined, modern, and simple yet sophisticated. They each have a staying power that commands attention. It’s truly about striking the perfect balance between being completely in-the-moment and staying rooted in tradition. It’s more than making a purchase—it’s investing in something that is long lasting.


NM: How do the styles in this collection differ from previous Frye styles?

A: The Modern Icons Collection is an evolution of previous Frye styles, having been redesigned and elevated with new details and attributes. Each boot has been reimagined, modernized, and crafted to perfection. Every design embodies the true characteristics of an icon—authenticity, unrivaled quality, heritage craftsmanship, and legendary style.



NM: Is there a boot for every woman? If so, which is it?

A: The beauty of this collection is that it has broad and timeless appeal, with designs that fit into any lifestyle. It is a collection that spans a multitude of preferences. The modern-day woman is active and busy—this collection serves her needs, from weekend to work and beyond.


NM: Frye prides itself on craftsmanship. How does this influence your everyday work?

A: Unrivaled quality and craftsmanship are at the heart of every Frye product. We are committed to creating legendary leather goods using the best materials, craftsmanship, and design. Frye is where art and craft meet quality and innovation, and every day we strive to uphold this level of excellence.



NM: What exciting projects are in store for Frye? Can any secrets be shared?

A: Frye is currently launching a new partnership with Feeding America. Building upon the values of our founder, the brand is dedicated to giving back on a local and national level—recognizing the fundamental Frye values dedicated to family and community. To make an impact, we are committed to putting “boots on the ground” in the fight to end hunger. We will partner with local and national brands and influencers to bring awareness, volunteering, and donations to the cause. Exclusive shopping events and items will be crafted to maximize the initiative.

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