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10 Minutes With: Haute Hippie Creative Director Cady Vaccaro

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February 24, 2017


Self-expression is never a challenge for Haute Hippie’s Cady Vaccaro. Recently appointed as Creative Director, Vaccaro represents an empowered brand that values confidence and identity while consistently remaining a trendsetter in the industry.

We recently had the opportunity to chat with Vaccaro about her inspiration for the Fall 2017 collection, ask about her fashion advice, and learn more about her personal style.
Neiman Marcus: What were the months of preparation leading up to New York Fashion Week like for you and your team?
Cady Vaccaro: Exciting! We work on the collection well in advance, so the months leading up to the debut are always calm—and the most fun—as we finally see the samples arrive. All of our hard work comes to life.

NM: How does this collection compare to your Fall 2016 collection?
CV: The Haute Hippie identity evolved so much from Fall 2016 to Fall 2017. Our new collection truly showcases the core brand DNA and evokes emotion. Each style within the collection is meant to tell a story about the Haute Hippie woman and be a part of a bigger purpose.

NM: Tell us about the inspiration for your Fall 2017 collection.
CV: The overall inspiration is all about the empowerment journey a woman goes on to feel confident within the limitless bounds of her wardrobe. We interpret this journey through stages similar to the tale of the phoenix. The process starts off with the definition of sexy and exactly what it means to the Haute Hippie woman, followed by the duality between light and dark she experiences through that search. Finally, she comes to her own terms of confidence.

NM: Describe the Haute Hippie woman this season. What are her favorite activities, and where is she going in these pieces?
CV: She is a global nomad—constantly exploring and experiencing all that life has to offer.

NM: What colors were you most excited to use this season?
CV: This season, shades of amour are key, and they flow naturally into the rust and jade colors of an autumnal mix. Our brand staple colors remain swan, black, military, and midnight. Prints also tell our story—through handpainted florals with a touch of metallic, as well as animal prints.

NM: What is your go-to textile for fall?
CV: We introduced velvet as a key texture for fall while continuing to use our go-to textiles at Haute Hippie—satin black crepe, double-georgette, and chiffon.
NM: What new design techniques did you incorporate into the fall collection?
CV: The construction of bustiers—whether they are on the inside or outside of garments—is seen throughout the entire collection. We also used harnessing details in unexpected ways through unique lace-up details on the back of tops and dresses and on the sides of sleeves and pants.

NM: Name one piece from this collection that every woman needs to own.
CV: Each style is so intricate and special with a story behind it. To me, she needs every piece in this collection!

NM: How would you accessorize this collection?
CV: More is more! A belt styled over every dress, vintage cuffs from around the world donned on each arm, topped with a wide brim hat, and usually finished with a bootie.
NM: If you could only wear one color for the rest of the season, what would it be and why?
CV: I could limit it to shades of amour, military, and swan—all of which are a staple of the Haute Hippie color palette.

NM: If you had to give women one piece of advice, what would it be?
CV: Before you leave the house, add one more thing to your outfit. Layering is key.

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