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10 Minutes With: Jenny Packham

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February 28, 2017


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be British? If so, Jenny Packham’s Fall 2017 collection is the answer you’ve been waiting for. Packham revealed her collection at New York Fashion Week on a pearlescent runway, urging the audience to reimagine British identity with new interpretations of classic designs from across the pond.

We had the opportunity to speak with the designer after her NYFW show. Read on to discover Packham’s inspiration, styling suggestions, and personal favorites for fall.


Neiman Marcus: We were so excited to see you at New York Fashion Week! What were the weeks of preparation leading up to the big day like for you and your team?

Jenny Packham: The autumn/winter season is always the busiest, coinciding with award season. By the time we get to show day, all the hard work is done. We spend six months working on a collection, and then it’s all over in 12 minutes!


NM: Tell us about the inspiration for your Fall 2017 collection.

JP: This season is inspired by the idiosyncrasies and clichés that define the British identity. I was very motivated by what it means to be British and the idea of “Britishness”—letting traditional fabrics and heritage come together with modern music and youth culture.


NM: Describe the Jenny Packham woman this season. What are her favorite activities, and where is she going in these pieces?

JP: I think so many people can wear these pieces. I struggle with the idea of one kind of Jenny Packham woman. She can wear the gowns on the red carpet, the cocktail dresses on a night out, and the leather jacket every day!


NM: What colors were you most excited to use this season?

JP: I really enjoyed the richness of the textiles we worked with—the heritage tartans and the bold prints we collaborated on with British artist Magda Archer. Magda created some bright, really fun paintings of iconic British treasures—corgis, the guards, and a bulldog.


NM: What is your go-to textile for fall?

JP: Tartan and leather, worn together.


NM: What new design techniques did you incorporate into the fall collection?

JP: Handpainted leather, bonded lace, and fringing.


NM: Tell us about the shoes you paired with your collection.
JP: We always work with Christian Louboutin to create shoes that complement the collection. This season incorporated rich, jewel-toned colors in satin and velvet, as well as nude, red, and black mesh styles.


NM: Name one piece from this collection that every woman needs to own.

JP: The sheer, ribbon tartan blouse.


NM: Do you have a favorite beauty trend for the season?

JP: A matte, berry lip. I think it’s really modern and wintery.


NM: If you had to give women one piece of advice, what would it be?

JP: If it doesn’t make you feel great, don’t wear it.


NM: Who is your style icon?

JP: Dries Van Noten.


NM: Name one item a woman should carry with her at all times.

JP: Lipstick, and her sense of humor.


NM: If you had to choose a favorite season, which would it be and why?

JP: Winter—I love layering and tailoring!

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