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10 Minutes With: Lana Bramlette & Blake Bramlette of Lana Jewelry

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May 11, 2017


In 2002, Lana Bramlette was searching for the perfect pair of fine gold hoops. Unable to find the pair she had in mind, she began sketching out her own designs, and the rest is history.


Known and loved for high-polished hoops and alluring chains, Lana Jewelry is as daring as it is delicate. Drawing inspiration from the bold, seductive glamour of the ’70s and ’80s, a piece of Lana Jewelry will pull together any outfit.


This season the brand is launching a new kids’ line titled Lana Girl, which was designed by Bramlette’s seven-year-old daughter, Blake. We sat down with the mother and daughter duo to learn more about Lana Girl.


Neiman Marcus: How did the idea for a kids’ line come to life?
Lana Bramlette: After hearing young girls beg their moms to borrow their Lana Jewelry, I decided to make mini versions of their moms’ favorite pieces. I aspire to become everyone’s go-to jewelry designer, and a kids’ line seemed like a natural progression. Becoming a mother made me want to design something for my daughter that would connect her to what I do for a living. At age seven, my daughter Blake already has great taste and a voice of her own—and her opinions matter to me.

Blake Bramlette: I wanted a necklace and a pair of earrings, and my mom asked me to draw what I wanted. I drew them and told my mom that it’s time to make jewelry for kids.


NM: Blake, what was your inspiration for the Lana Girl jewelry line?

BB: I thought about what my friends and I think is pretty. I also told my mom to use lots of color, not just clear diamonds.


NM: Blake, what was your favorite part about working with your mom?

BB: My mom finally let me get my ears pierced so I can wear the new designs we created! We had a girls’ day, and I got my ears pierced, and my mom got her ears double pierced. I went first because I was so excited and not afraid at all—and then I held my mom’s hand while she got hers pierced because she was scared.


NM: If you had to choose one piece from the Lana Girl collection, which would it be?

LB: I actually wear the mini diamond hoops all the time in my second ear piercing.

BB: I love the multicolored, sapphire butterfly necklace!


NM: Blake, what would you like to be when you grow up?

BB: I love animals, so I’d like to have an animal salon where we would take care of them and also sell jewelry.


NM: Describe the Lana girl.

LB: Empowered, ambitious, and cool.

BB: Nice, smart, and funny.


NM: What does jewelry mean to you?

LB: It makes me feel complete.

BB: It makes me feel pretty.


NM: What jewelry do you wear on a daily basis?

LB: Hoops.

BB: My ears are still healing so I am wearing the starter diamonds from Lana Girl, but I get to wear the multicolored sapphire butterfly necklace on special occasions.


NM: What is the best advice you can give women and girls when it comes to choosing jewelry?
LB: Subtle and special goes a long way.
BB: Pick a color that makes you happy.


Shop the Lana Girl collection at NeimanMarcus.com.


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