10 Minutes with: Lela Rose - Neiman Marcus

10 Minutes with: Lela Rose

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May 25, 2016


Bike to Work Month is upon us and leaves us asking one vital question—how can we possibly stay stylish while riding to work? We sat down with designer and avid biker, Lela Rose, to learn about how she makes the daily transition from pedaling to planning new collections so effortlessly.


Neiman Marcus: You’re a biking enthusiast. What does Bike to Work Month mean to you?

Lela Rose: I enjoy all of the conversations about biking that the month brings. I have biked year-round for several years now, so the fact that it’s Bike to Work Month doesn’t affect my personal enthusiasm—I’m always excited to bike!


NM: What is the number one reason you think more people should participate in Bike to Work Month?

LR: Anything that inspires you to get out there and experience your city at a different speed is wonderful. When I started commuting by bike about 13 years ago, I quickly found that, for me, biking is the key to living in NYC. I have so many baskets on my bikes—it’s similar to driving a car around in terms of having a place to put things, like groceries!

NM: Okay, we’re on board. How can we expect to match fashion with functionality while biking?

LR: I have long wondered why people feel the need to wear athletic clothes while casually biking. It just isn’t necessary, in my opinion. Since I ride my bike to work every day, I need to be dressed for the day—this means dresses and heels. One heel shape that I have found is great on a bike is the wedge. I own a lot of them and wear them quite often for additional comfort on a bike. I also find that flowing shapes are easier as opposed to straighter, more pegged looks.


NM: How does your latest collection inspire women to be fashionable while still staying active? Are there certain pieces that we should add to our wardrobe?

LR: I design clothes to take my customer from day to dinner. I try to introduce pieces that are not only wearable, but also transitional for any occasion.


NM: You’ve been promoting Bike to Work Month at Neiman Marcus for a couple weeks now. What has been your most memorable moment so far?

LR: For me, it’s about exciting our customer and sharing our brand story with Neiman Marcus. Our limited-edition custom bike is adorable.

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