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10 Minutes with: Q&A With Haute Hippie

Regina Campbell

April 21, 2016


Festival season is among us, and ’70s-inspired fashion abounds. Many brands are producing pieces with classic ’70s silhouettes; however, a true festivalgoer knows she needs a standout ensemble. We sat down with Haute Hippie’s new Creative Director Cady Vaccaro to discuss inspiration, trends, and staying stylish while still comfortable at Coachella.

Neiman Marcus: Tell us how the concept of a hippie lifestyle evolved into the Haute Hippie brand.

Cady Vaccaro: A hippie lifestyle is about freedom, comfort, ease, and expressing your own originality. I like to think our clothing provokes and encourages people to feel great. The clothes have the ability to transform for each individual’s style.

NM: There’s a great amount of romanticism in your collections. From where do you draw inspiration?

CV: Inspiration needs to come from everywhere! You never know where you might turn a corner and find something completely magical that inspires an entire collection. I find inspiration in song lyrics, art, and fabric. I like to start each story with prints, color, and fabric, and then let the silhouettes complete the story.

NM: The new HauteHippie.com launches in May. What changes can we expect from the site, and what influence will they have on the brand?

CV: We will be changing and updating the website constantly! But you are going to have to log on to see! It’s important to keep HauteHippie.com new and updated in order to reflect the movement and evolution of each collection.

NM: What is your favorite ’70s-inspired trend?

CV: I love the whole feel of the ’70s—bell sleeves, tie-neck blouses, exaggerated flare, flowing silk dresses, fringe, and leisure suits! You really can’t have just one favorite!

NM: Speaking of ’70s-inspired trends, which modern-day take do you believe is fitting for every woman?

CV: I think the most important thing for every woman to realize is that trends are just trends—they come and go. There is no single trend that lends itself to everyone. You need to pick what feels relevant to your personal style and what will make you feel the best.

NM: Elaborate on your festival-inspired pieces. How would you suggest styling and accessorizing them?

CV: Our summer collection is called “Summer of Love.” It is based on the Haight-Ashbury gathering in ’67. I think our Marissa dress is the perfect festival dress—it’s paneled with handpainted prints and a touch of beading at the neck. I love accessorizing it with our printed headbands and bold earrings!


NM: Name one go-to piece every woman should bring to Coachella.

CV: Harem pants are a great go-to piece—you can dress them up with an embellished top or pair them down with a graphic tee. They are comfortable and still sexy. Side-slit pants are also an important new shape for summer!

NM: How can women stay comfortable at festivals while still looking stylish?

CV: When you feel good and comfortable in your clothes, it really shows. Pick something that you want to wear and feel good in—don’t listen to what people say you should be wearing. I always feel most comfortable and stylish in a flowing day gown, but each individual should pick something that suits his or her personal style!

Dance straight into festival season with confidence, comfort, and style in looks by Haute Hippie.

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