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10 Minutes With: Veronica Beard at NYFW

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February 17, 2017


Sisters-in-law duo Veronica Miele Beard and Veronica Swanson Beard came to NYFW Fall 2017 to present a collection that women from all walks of life can relate to. The new pieces included reinvented wardrobe staples and polished takes on brand icons we adore.


We recently had the opportunity to chat with the two designers to discuss the Fall 2017 collection, what they love most about the season, and secrets to their successful partnership.

NM: What were the weeks of preparation leading up to today like for you and your team?
Veronica Miele Beard: Constant tweaking!
Veronica Swanson Beard: Busy and fast.


NM: How does this collection compare to your Pre-Fall 2017 collection?
VSB: Fall is richer, more layered, and more luxurious. And it’s the introduction of our jeans and shoe collections.

NM: Tell us about the inspiration for your Fall 2017 collection.
VMB: It’s a complement to your uniform and all about not having to think so hard when you get dressed. For us, it’s always reimagined classics.
VSB: Fall is about the balance between classic and cool. It’s filled with the effortless pieces that are cornerstones for the perfect wardrobe.


NM: Why did you choose a presentation over a runway show?
VMB: It’s much more relaxed. We love it because we can talk to people and explain the story. Everyone is invited to come in and stay awhile.
VSB: We want it to feel like a cocktail party. We like to see our friends, our buyers, and our editors.

NM: Describe the Veronica Beard woman this season. What are her favorite activities, and where is she going in these pieces?
VMB: We have favorite things we like to do, but we also have things we must do. Most of our customers are bringing their kids to school, going to work, or traveling.
VSB: We are constantly designing for a woman on the go. She can wear these styles everywhere.


NM: What colors were you most excited to use this season?
VMB: We both love the saffron—it provides a pop, but it’s still understated.

NM: What is your go-to textile for fall?
VMB: Velvet, corduroy, leather, and shearling. We have the most fabulous shearling jacket.
VSB: Denim! Our jeans collection is all about high-quality denim in classic washes.


NM: What new design techniques did you incorporate into the fall collection?
VMB: We added a ruched sleeve detail to some of our jackets—casual and effortless.
VSB: We designed our jeans with a stretch fabric pocket that creates a slimming effect. It’s called the hidden skinny pocket!

NM: Name one piece from this collection that every woman needs to own.
VMB: Our Carolyn Baby Boot Jean with the tuxedo stripe is a must-own. The stripe is subtle, but also chic and cool.
VSB: The Hudson Boot. It’s our take on the Chelsea boot, and I swear you’ll be living in them.


NM: What are your styling recommendations for fall? Do you have a favorite trend?
VMB: I love layering a T-shirt or turtleneck under a body-con, strapless dress. It makes it wearable for day, but the silhouette is still sexy.
VSB: You can’t go wrong with a button-down body suit, jeans, a Dickey Jacket, and the Hudson Boot.

NM: Do you have a go-to beauty look?
VMB: Glowing skin, no matter what.
VSB: A stained lip, clean mascara, and a pop of highlighter on the cheekbones.


NM: What is the secret to being so successful in a close partnership like yours?
VMB: Unconditional understanding and acceptance of the other person’s ideas and creative aspirations.
VSB: Communication … and weekends apart!

NM: What other designers are you inspired by?
VMB: I got through the ’90s with Dolce and Gabbana by my side. Their suiting is tailored and sexy.
VSB: Sonia Rykiel, Dries Van Noten, and Chloé.


NM: If you had to give women one piece of advice, what would it be?
VMB: Don’t wait to wear anything. Wear it today! What are you waiting for?
VSB: When in doubt, have a go-to uniform.

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