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10 Things: Snob Essentials for NYFW

Regina Campbell

January 29, 2014


As Fashion Week approaches, our agendas are filling up and we are pondering what to pack for the Polar Vortex temperatures of New York. Take it from a Fashion Week veteran, Bag Snob AKA Tina Craig of SnobEssentials.com.

The Dallas-based blogger, consultant and entrepreneur knows all about traveling in style, getting the best and fastest services, while making time for theater and fun with fashionable friends in the hottest restaurants and bars in the city.

Fortunately she is not afraid to show and tell what she’s taking to New York, and where she plans to spend her time before, after, and between shows. Here are ten Snob Essentials for NYFW!

Portrait by Maxim Sapozhnikov.

Ten Things



2Jours Small Mixed-Leather Tote Bag

“Function comes first for NYFW, but who says a functional bag can’t be chic too? This geometric Fendi will take you from day to night and everything in between.”

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Crystal-Eyed Fur Monster Charm For Handbag

“It’s tough out there. Bring a pet bug to keep you smiling.”

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Tom Ford

Stretch Canvas Lace-up Bootie

“Tom Ford said the inspiration for this Spring 2014 collection was powerful women, and when you’re exhausted from running show to show, that’s just how you need to feel.”

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John Barrett Salon

Blow Out

“Vênsette is the best thing to happen to beauty in like ever. The Uber-esque app allows you to book hair and makeup on demand straight to your hotel! If you prefer to be pampered at a salon, nobody does it better than my hair guru John Barrett of Bergdorf-blonde fame. This is where you go to get pretty for the big events.”

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Must Do:

Bergdorf Goodman's Shoe Salon

“Shopping, of course! If you have time, drop in Bergdorf’s shoe department. I once saw Emmanuelle Alt there trying on heels between shows.”

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Large Floral Long Coat

“Last year we trudged through a major snowstorm to get to all the shows, and with the Polar Vortex looming over us this season, there’s a chance we will have to again. In spite of the cold, I’ll be channeling Spring with this fabulous, floral Marni.”

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Must Eat:


“Who eats during NYFW? Just kidding (sort of)! Chef Shaun Hergatt’s unique ingredients and stunning presentation make Juni a fine dining experience worth savoring.”

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iPhone 5/5S Hybrid Snap Case/Battery Charger

“There are some places to charge your phone at Lincoln Center and around the city, but it’s best to come prepared.”

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Must See:

Queen Of The Night

“If you happen to have an evening free, this is the best dinner experience in NYC. Fetish food feeding and sponge bathing involved. Check your modesty at the door.”

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Must Drink:

Omar's La Ranita

“After a 16-hour day of fashion show hustle, a drink (or three) is much needed, and my favorite place for a late-night cocktail is Omar’s.”

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