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10 Things: Hydrating Beauty Products

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March 24, 2017


Spring has arrived, and just like your closet, your skincare regimen deserves a refresh. It’s time to say goodbye to dry, winter skin and replace it with a healthy, radiant complexion. Below, we selected our top 10 hydrating beauty products to try this season.

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Ten Things


Clé de Peau Beauté

Intensive Eye Contour Cream

Another beauty favorite is this luxurious eye cream, developed with a specially designed massage tool to stimulate circulation of the eye area contours. The formula helps prevent wrinkles and crow’s-feet.

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Kiehl's Since 1851

Ultra Facial Cream

Apply this cream once a day to combat moisture deficiency—you will be fresh-faced in no time.

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Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream

This facial cream contains seven supercharged ingredients that amplify the hydrating and radiance-boosting benefits for a clear complexion.

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La Mer

Crème de la Mer

With a large following of loyal users, Crème de la Mer has proven to produce astonishing results. In a short time, this ointment can help heal even the driest skin. Prepare to be amazed!

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Estée Lauder

Nutritious Vitality8 Radiant Energy Lotion Intense

This energizing face treatment should be a staple on every beauty lover’s vanity. Its formula helps free your skin’s surface from pollution and toxins while providing moisture and nutrients.

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Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX

Prepare for a holistic beauty experience. The key ingredient is extracted from red ginseng root, which maximizes your skin’s natural strength.

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Vital Essence

Recommended for all skin types, this plant-based moisturizer improves skin tone and elasticity while creating the perfect blank canvas for applying makeup.

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Amore Pacific

FUTURE RESPONSE Age Defense Dual Eye Crème

Help protect your delicate eye area from early signs of aging with a dual eye cream that aids in preventing sun damage and actively nourishes.

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Bobbi Brown

SPF 50 Protective Face Base

Your new vacation favorite provides lightweight sun protection for a luminous complexion. Ideal for layering products, the formula absorbs quickly and is a must-have for any travel bag.

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Snow Micro-Infused Lotion

Like snowflakes melting in the spring, the microcapsules of this brightening ointment absorb into the skin to release their active ingredients.

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