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10 Things: All-Star Hostess Gift Guide

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December 9, 2016


Giving gifts is almost as fun as receiving them, so always arrive with a hostess gift to extend your thanks. We’ve put together this list of 10 gifts that will leave a lasting impression—and guarantee you’ll be invited back. Whether you’re attending the event or even giving it yourself, these will definitely get the party started!

Ten Things


Michael Wainwright

Truro Gold Dinner Plate

It’s all about the presentation! These regal dinner dishes will wow your guests and leave them asking for seconds.

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Christmas Petits Fours

36 Count

Sugar, spice, and everything nice—your guests won’t be able to resist these multilayered mini cakes filled with velvety-smooth truffle creams.

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Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Mon beau Sapin Scented candle

This fragrant holiday candle brings the warm winter ambiance into your home. Cozy up under your favorite blanket by the fire with a Cabernet in hand.

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3-Piece Martini Set

Craft a killer cocktail with this handcrafted martini trio. Whether you like yours dirty, on the rocks, or with a twist—this set can do it all.

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Graphic Image

Gone with the Gin Leather-Covered Book

The ultimate present for silver screen aficionados who enjoy a good drink: This cocktail book pairs 50 drink recipes with famous movie quotes. Have a good time with your guests while learning more about history’s most quotable films.

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Wine Chiller

Keep the champagne on ice in this expertly crafted wine chiller with natural stone detail.

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Golden Trumpet Flutes

4-Piece Set

Toast your guests with these handpainted flutes featuring joyful designs.

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Michael Wainwright

Tempio Luna Gold Cheese Tray

The story behind this elegant cheese tray is as unique as its design. This kitchen accessory was inspired by an evening spent in an open ceiling Greek temple under a full moon in Italy.

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Michael Aram

Sago Palm Bread Plate

Break bread with your guests and serve homemade goods on this exquisite gold platter.

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Janice Minor

Petrified Wood Cheese Board

Hors d’oeuvres have never looked so classy. This rustic cheese board is a feast for the eyes and takes your guests’ experience to a whole new level.

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