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Kate Sample

January 30, 2016


The athleisure trend is still going strong, and so are our New Year’s resolutions to focus on fitness. We could think of no better time to sit down with NM Activewear Buyer Sara McMaster to learn more about shopping for the right activewear pieces.


Why do you think activewear is such a trend right now?

We know that today’s woman is busier than ever. Activewear feels like such a trend because of the convenience of the category. With an assortment as versatile as ours, she can feel appropriate in many different settings. Plus, the more the health and fitness craze takes hold, the more customers who find activewear a necessity—especially at this time of year, when resolutions are fresh!

For someone who is looking for the right activewear to suit her own personality, what are three tips for choosing the right items?

First, you need leggings that fit perfectly. While the season can affect the length that customers are looking for, many simply have a personal preference for cropped versus ankle-length. In addition, pay attention to the rise—I personally feel much more comfortable working out in a high-waisted legging. From there, it’s about the layers. We offer a broad range from tanks to jackets and everywhere in between. The vests and hoodies can keep you covered to/from your destination, where you can shed down to a top that allows for more movement.

Describe the woman wearing activewear and the places she goes in it.

Our customer is wearing activewear for a variety of uses. She may begin the day by dropping off her children at school and running a few errands. And then if she has time to pop into her favorite yoga or barre class, she wants to have on something with performance components without having to run home and change. Wicking fabrics that absorb moisture to keep you cool and comfortable are essential.


A common dilemma when looking for activewear is: Style or comfort? How do you get the perfect balance of both?

This was our top priority in creating our new active assortment. Customers simply don’t have to make that choice anymore. We have curated a selection of fashionable brands that offer functional and comfortable designs. Functionality no longer has to trump fashion!

What would you say is one must-have staple activewear item everyone should have in their wardrobe?

Everyone needs a black legging with mesh details. You can wear them anywhere, with anything. I get so much use out of mine, even the gym sometimes.


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