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And God Created The BB

Regina Campbell

September 3, 2013


Just another pump? Hardly. A mere four years after its 2009 launch, the Manolo Blahnik “BB” can already claim bona fide icon status and a legion of devout fans-both wearers and admirers-who can recognize its elegant lines and curvy, shallow vamp from across a room.

Manolo body

Blahnik named the pump after the original French sex kitten, actress Brigitte Bardot. He says her walk so captivated him that he began imagining the bombshell in his shoes-how she would wear them, the colors she would choose. Then he imagined all women in his BBs and set a price point of $595, relatively affordable by today’s luxury standards.

Introduced with a single heel height of 105 millimeters, the style has evolved to include five options, the most popular being the original. (Fact: Women who wear the BB actually speak in millimeters, as in “I just bought a pair of black 90s for the office.”) The wonder of the BB is its versatility: chic perfection with a little black dress, but exhibiting plenty of cool-girl cred when styled with a pair of jeans. Maybe it’s the way the BB’s perfect pitch repositions a woman’s stance, accentuating her curves. Or how the cut of the vamp
offers just the right tease of come-hither toe cleavage. Whatever the secret, one thing’s sure: Those who slip into a pair of BBs become true believers.

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Photography by Jeff Stephens

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