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Anya Hindmarch Sticker Satchels

Regina Campbell

October 24, 2014


With the influx of emojis on social media this year (just take a look at your Instagram feed), it’s no surprise that the trend has made its way from our social networks to handbags. London-based designer Anya Hindmarch debuted sticker-embellished satchels on the spring runway.

Anya Hindmarch Spring 2015.
Anya Hindmarch Spring 2015.

Hindmarch collaborated with Charlotte Stockdale of Chaos Fashion on a collection of luxurious embossed-leather stickers, which were inspired by the designer’s schoolgirl version of personalization. They can be used to sticker up anything from your handbag to your phone. The whimsical, witty stickers say things like “Bags have feelings too,” and feature classic yellow happy faces, stars, hearts, numbers and even food – a fried egg and a banana seem to be the epicure stickers of choice.


Fashion influencers Poppy Delevingne and Georgia Tal can’t get enough of these sticker satchels. To say the least, we are (insert emoji happy face, thumbs up, exclamation point) beyond excited, too, which is why we are pre-selling Anya Hindmarch’s Spring 2015 sticker satchels on starting today! Don’t miss out on the fashion fun.

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