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Artists in Residence

Alexandra Evjen

March 3, 2015


Last month NM Beverly Hills passed an important milestone in its extensive remodel: the completion of a totally revamped Cosmetics department and unveiling of the shining jewel in its crown, the AVERY PERFUME GALLERY.

Only the second of its kind stateside (a New Orleans warehouse district location opened in 2011), the unique space marries fragrance and art in an unprecedented way. “There are enough bottles on counters in the world,” says Cristiano Seganfreddo, creative director for Avery’s parent company, Intertrade Group. “We wanted to create something new to intrigue and inspire. We’re offering scents with stories behind them.”


Avery’s curated gallery houses over 20 storied, artistic brands like Boadicea the Victorious, a luxury UK perfumery named after Britain’s archetypical warrior queen, and Nasomatto (Italian for “crazy nose”), the brainchild of avant-garde perfumer Alessandro Gualtieri. You’ll also find Roads, part of a three-pronged lifestyle brand that includes a publishing house and production company.

Highly sought-after, rare, and exclusive fragrances are Avery’s hallmark. It’s been that way since 2010, when the first store
opened on London’s Avery Row (hence the name). But for Seganfreddo, it’s all about the experience. Each of the nine stores worldwide is a unique design. The NOLA location resides in a 200-square-foot, century-old restored firehouse. Italy’s Excelsior Milano store is 2,500 square feet of stonework and vibrant textiles.

Agonist Parfums Vanilla Marble Perfume Spray, 1.69 ounces, $195, Cosmetics
Agonist Parfums Vanilla Marble Perfume Spray, 1.69 ounces, $195, Cosmetics

The shop within NM Beverly Hills is a stunning display, complete with polished copper fixtures, white marble, and mouth-blown Italian-glass scent boules that invite clients to fully experience the fragrances. In lieu of paper blotters, scented black feathers are given to those who wish to remember a particular fragrance. A play off “aviary,” birds hold a special significance to the Avery brand as a symbol of how perfume floats through the air unfettered. “We want people to experience this ‘wow’ effect and then explore the brands and the narratives behind them,” says Shannon Drake, director of sales and marketing. “But, ultimately, it’s about people finding something
that speaks to them personally and becomes part of their DNA, too.”

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