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New to NM: Fine Jewelry Designers

Regina Campbell

May 18, 2015


With more designers comes more to love. We believe introductions are in order. Can’t find a new name at your NM? Sales associates can access pieces from any NM store or, and ship them to you at no charge.

“Pamela Huizenga has a real love of stones and understands their nuances – I call her a stone junkie. She find beauty in the unconventional, which she adorns with more traditional polished gems and diamonds. It’s a very organic way of mixing the two worlds together. Every pendant, ring, or pair of earrings Pamela creates is a stand-alone piece of art sculpted from nature.” – Eric Ford, Fine Jewelry Buyer.

Pamela Huizenga earrings
Pamela Huizenga earrings

“The Messika diamond collection is truly special. Valérie Messika is a beautiful young woman, based in Paris, who learned about diamonds form her father. Her jewelry is created for a woman with an interest in fashion, but maintains a simplicity that complements many different style sensibilities. She interprets traditional materials in a very fresh, modern way.” – Eric Ford, Fine Jewelry Buyer.

Messika "Move" necklace
Messika “Move” necklace

“When I first met Diane Kordas in her New York office, I was struck by her fashion sense and lovely British accent. Her jewelry is simple and clean, but at the same time modern and quite unusual. The way she combines colored diamonds with different golds – white, rose, yellow – has a freshness I knew would resonate with our customers. Her designs are funky enough to speak to the fashion-forward audience, yet they have a delicateness that appeals to a more ladylike aesthetic, too.” – Jennifer Wetzel Cobb, Designer Jewelry Buyer.

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