Conversation with: Catherine Bloom - Neiman Marcus

Conversation with: Catherine Bloom

NM Social Team

January 21, 2016


What was the catalyst for this revamp of your private styling space?

I started thinking with all my travels, buying for my private clients, and how it would be amazing to make it available to all of the clients that come to the store. I am able to buy different and unusual pieces in addition to what the store buys and I wanted to create a curated shop within Neiman Marcus!

What’s your favorite feature of the update?

I don’t have a favorite; the whole space is incredible! The shop has a very intimate feel so clients are able to have a bite in the dining room area, go to the fitting rooms that are personalized with accessories, or sit on the couches and chat about fashion!

Do you share the same aesthetic in clothes and interior design?

Yes, I do–I like forward, unexpected, wearable, liveable clothing and interiors. I like luxury that works with a lifestyle, china to be used every day, and I like to dress with style every day.


How do you want customers to feel in your space?

I want them to feel at home and comfortable in a space similar to how they live. Every detail we thought of was based on their needs and how they like to relax and interact with others on their own time.

Which time period is your favorite for decor and why?

I actually love all periods of decor–mixing the different periods is what is interesting and fun. I think mid-century and deco mixed with contemporary art makes for a cool aesthetic.


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