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Chanel Boy•Friend Watches

Neiman Marcus

October 2, 2015


“Simplicity that captures everyone’s gaze. A mysterious blend of confidence and daintiness, boldness and restraint. The manifestation of a presence that is not afraid of the pure essentials.”

Chanel marks the beginning of the fall season with its unveiling of a new classic, the Boy•Friend timepiece. Even if you didn’t see this chic design presented in pop-up shops in Taiwan during August and New York at NYFW, you might have seen its launch spread over social media with the #MeetMyBoyfriend.


The Boy•Friend watch has a classic, borrowed-from-my-boyfriend quality, which references Gabrielle Chanel’s own creative process and lifestyle inspired by the men in her life. Think Boy Capel and the Duke of Westminster. Just as Chanel’s original creations, this timepiece adapts elements of a masculine watch, such as the large frame, but also pays homage to the octagon-like shapes of the iconic Chanel Nº5 perfume bottle and Place Vendôme. The gold case, diamond-set bezels and alligator straps enhance its femininity.


The Boy•Friend watch collection includes six black alligator-strap watches in 18-karat beige gold cases (Chanel’s own alloy) in medium and large sizes, with the option of diamond-set bezels. The diamond styles also come in 18-karat white gold, as well as red, navy and white alligator straps.

Not only is this timepiece a beautiful fine jewelry addition to any woman’s collection, it’s one you’’l love wearing for years to come.


Find the Boy•Friend watch in the Precious Jewels Salon at NM NorthPark, Houston, Newport Beach, San Francisco, Las Vegas, San Diego, Chicago-Michigan Avenue, McLean-Tysons Galleria, Palo Alto, San Antonio and Bellevue.


Images courtesy of Chanel.

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