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10 Minutes with: Christian Louboutin On The Launch Of Louboutin Beauté!

Regina Campbell

July 24, 2014


We’re seeing red – Louboutin red that is. The iconic red sole that we’ve all come to know and love was originally inspired by red nail polish. Today, the designer brings his inspiration to life with the launch of Louboutin Beauté and the debut of an iconic red nail lacquer, Rouge Louboutin. Ballerina Ultima, the highest shoe Louboutin has ever created, inspires the glossy red color, and the tall, gracefully sculpted cap is the same height as he Ballerina’s heel. Here, Louboutin speaks with The Blog about his inspiration, infatuation and the best advice he’s received.

Christian Louboutin portrait by David Lynch.
Christian Louboutin portrait by David Lynch.

NM: Describe your evolution as a designer and the influence beauty has had on you.
CL: Over the years, I observed several signals pointing me toward beauty. I realized that people’s image of my brand could already incorporate beauty, and it became clear that both my shoes and beauty serve to reinforce the idea of femininity. And thus beauty became a natural next step.

NM: What does beauty mean to you?
CL: Beauty is a boat that is meant to sail alone, but one that sails alongside the shoes. No matter what the category, my beauty products will amplify a woman’s own beauty rather than to fix her imperfections. My goal is for a woman to feel beautiful, and the most important thing is that she feels satisfied when she looks at herself.

Rouge Louboutin
Rouge Louboutin

NM: Describe your infatuation with Nefertiti.
CL: Nefertiti is my stylized ideal of beauty. Her facial structure is extraordinary and her color is luminous. She has the beautiful skin color of the Queens of Egypt, she’s dark, yet has lightness about her. Her makeup symbolizes the beauty I adore, a sophisticated face with perfectly drawn eyebrows & a perfectly formed mouth. Her eye makeup subsequently inspired Cleopatra. She has eyes like Marilyn Monroe, sleepy with heavy lids that give her an air of mystery, like she’s looking into the distance.

NM: What was it about Ballerina Ultima that inspired Rouge Louboutin?
CL: When approaching the nail color bottle I applied similar design principles of that with shoes, thinking only of the proportions and the objects I wanted to create. I wanted the Rouge to stand out so I decided to make only the Rouge the height of the highest shoe I had ever made, which was the Ballerina Ultima.

NM: What is the best advice you’ve received?
CL: Listen to yourself.

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