Conversation with: Current/Elliott Creative Director & CEO Serge Azria

Regina Campbell

November 1, 2013


Born out of love for vintage denim and its Americana roots, Los Angeles-based denim brand Current/Elliott continues to take a modern approach to the American classic. Every style offered in the collection has a historical reference, an original vintage sample and year of origin. Serge Azria, Current/Elliott CEO and creative director, is the man behind the brand that continues to transcend denim trends with its unique silhouettes, classic fit and everlasting aesthetics. Constantly inspired by the past yet always looking to the future is the motto that continues to makes Current/Elliot the denim staple for celebrities like Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker, Diane Kruger, Kate Bosworth and Beyonce.

Current/Elliott Fall 2013.
Current/Elliott Fall 2013.

NM: What is your favorite decade for denim and why?
SA: The 70s, led by Jane Birkin. This era reinvented denim as cool and sophisticated with iconic high-waisted trousers and leg-lengthening flares. This was also the beginning of different washes in denim. Prior to this, denim was raw and you wore them in yourself. It was the beginning of the stone-washed jean!

NM: What does denim mean to you?
SA: Denim is like a blank canvas; always allowing for fresh and innovative ideas and design creativity. You can wash it, destroy it, rinse it, or wear it raw. It’s one fabric with many faces – every wash has a different personality.

Serge Azria Creative Director and CEO of Current/Elliott
Serge Azria Creative Director and CEO of Current/Elliott

NM: Current/Elliott has collaborated with top fashion designers, most recently Mary Katrantzou. What do you look for in a collaboration and how do you ultimately decide whom to work with?
SA: Our collaborations come about organically. We like to partner with designers that we respect and know will bring something different to the table, allowing each designer’s expertise and craft to grow and evolve.

NM: How does California inspire your designs?
SA: Los Angeles is the denim capital of the world. We are constantly inspired by the ease of the California lifestyle and denim’s vintage, Americana roots.

Current/Elliott Fall 2013.
Current/Elliott Fall 2013.

NM: What are you most excited about for Spring 2014?
SA: I am most excited about our Fling, the Traveler, and Shirt Dresses in denim.

NM: Choose a denim style icon for the following decades – 60s, 70s, 90s (tell us what it is that makes his/her style still relevant today.)
SA: 60s – Edie Sedgwick – skinny and tight will always be relevant, 70’s – Farrah Fawcett or Jane Birkin – flares continue to be the perfect wardrobe staple and 90’s – Brook Shields – pure beauty in high-waist cropped skinnies

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