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Dressing for the Red Carpet Season

Catherine Bloom

December 10, 2014


The 2015 Golden Globe Awards don’t take place until Jan. 11, but from my vantage point on the second floor of Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills, the awards-season fashion frenzy is about to begin in force. No one wants to jump the gun by shopping before the nominations are announced Dec. 11. From that point on to the Academy Awards in late February, the entire city is in hyperdrive. It isn’t just the stylists, nominees, and presenters who are on the hunt for the most memorable gowns, shoes, bags, and jewelry—so are their dates, managers, press agents, and other supporters. For our office, that means double and triple shifts, calling in designer samples, texting images, scheduling fittings. Here’s what I predict we’ll be seeing on the red carpet this awards season:

White is a color we haven’t seen on the red carpet for a while, but it was all over the spring runways, and I think it will be the “red” of this season. Another interesting alternative to black, which always dominates, is yellow. A lot of us were taught it was a tough color to wear, but it’s actually quite beautiful, and people have become much more comfortable with it. Remember the canary yellow Jean Dessès that Renée Zellweger wore in 2001? Still one of my favorite Oscar fashion moments.

Renee Zellweger in vintage Jean Dessès.
Renee Zellweger in vintage Jean Dessès.

I don’t know that prints ever show up as beautiful as they look in person, but they are definitely modern and exciting in the sense that they make evening a little sportier. I’d love to see some of the fashion risk-takers experiment with print and pattern.

Chanel Cruise 2014
Chanel Cruise 2014

We saw a few diamond hair ornaments last year, but so many of my clients are having a glam bohemian moment that I expect to see all sorts of hair jewelry this season, from Deco combs and princess headbands to unexpected pieces that weren’t necessarily created for hair.

Elie Saab ultra-white looks
Elie Saab ultra-white looks

In terms of designers to watch for, there’s a reason Elie Saab shows up quite frequently—he knows how to make a woman look both strong and soft. Valentino is incredible right now, and Tom Ford is amazing for the very forward, strong, sexy woman. I think Peter Copping at Nina Ricci makes the most exquisite evening clothes; there is nothing prettier than a Nina Ricci cocktail dress or long gown.

If last year was all about plunging necklines straight out of American Hustle, 2015 may be the year of the bare back. It’s a look that’s demure and covered in front, but daring from behind. Start practicing the hands-on-hips, glance-over-the-shoulder pose now!

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