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10 Minutes with: Erin Kleinberg

Regina Campbell

September 22, 2014


Any woman who loves fashion probably has heard of The Coveteur. The Canadian-based blog has featured amazing closets for the past four years, and you can tell that the people behind it are as stylish and interesting as those who are featured. Erin Kleinberg cofounded The Coveteur with Stephanie Mark and Jake Rosenberg in 2011, at the same time that she was working on her eponymous line in Toronto. You can imagine the story: The Coveteur boomed, and her line went on hold for a while. Fast-forward to 2014, when Kleinberg decided to relaunch her wonderful line of luxe tops and embellished T-shirts that are now in our CUSP departments at NM stores.


When asked how her experience in The Coveteur changed her perspective on her line, Kleinberg says that she really got to learn how a woman likes to dress. “I noticed that women really like to live edited,” explains Kleinberg. “The people that I’ve shot have a closet filled with all kinds of goodies, but they actually keep a rack in their bedroom with all of these edits – all of the pieces that they’re going to wear on a daily basis. And so my collection is about creating pieces that have a twist and an edge – one that the woman is going to turn to. And when she doesn’t know what to wear, she can think of Erin Kleinberg vintage, tarnished top that’s going to go perfectly with all her jeans.”

In fact, the collection is filled with what you could call luxurious everyday pieces that include tops, jackets, dresses and sweaters. And to add another cool factor, everything is actually made in Canada.


Kleinberg calls heather gray one of her favorite tones – very much on trend – and she loves to add a little bit of shine to her pieces in the form of tripled-sequined tops and dresses that from afar might look like a worn-in loved pieces, but are luxurious and effortless up close. “I kind of love wearing sequins during the day. I love the idea of wearing fancier items during the day and pairing it down for night,” she says.


I had to ask about the people that she featured in The Coveteur and which ones actually influenced her newly reborn line, outside of the fact that “it girls” like Lena Dunham (amazing!) Vanessa Traina and Giorgia Tordini (featured on the Fall 2014 lookbook) are already wearing it. Funny enough, Kleinberg calls Hugh Hefner one if her style icons, and for the right reasons. “I love how he takes pajama-dressing to the next level. It’s all the silk pajamas, and the robes, and the velvet, and the slippers… That’s kind of how I dress on a daily basis, you know? It’s that idea of looking like you might be going to bed, but you are actually going to a very chic party.” And this is a party we can’t wait to be part of.

Looking forward to seeing Erin Kleinberg’s collection up close? Shop it in CUSP at select NM stores.

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